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Meet Tony D’Amato, wealthy single father who loves soap operas and is starring in a real-life version of one.

Caught up in a world where Baby Shark reigns supreme and running his very successful barbershop, Tony doesn’t have much time for any games unless they’re a variation of Peek-A-Boo. He completely erased his ex from his life and moved on. So he thought. A chance reunion made him realize he never stopped loving her but now things are different.

He has a baby daughter that is not his ex’s.

All Krista Allen cares about are Blahniks, bling, and Bentley’s – and not necessarily in that order. The flashier her lifestyle, the better. She’d never envisioned herself as a mother due to her painful upbringing and long accepted that role. So when Tony introduces his infant daughter to Krista, she realizes she has a lot of soul-searching to do. She also wonders if a dry cleaner can save her beloved Louis Vuitton from infant vomit.

Will Krista finally have the family she’d always wanted? Or will their reunion be short and dramatic like Tony’s beloved soap operas?

Stay With Me is the standalone conclusion to One More Chance. This is a contemporary erotic romance deals with trust, second chances, and true love.

Unedited Snippet: 

“I’m sorry?” Tony raised an eyebrow.

“I asked God to send me a man and here you are!” The young woman beamed as she put the gun away. “Straight out of hiding from some poor woman’s husband!”

Tony chuckled. “Not anyone’s husband, I don’t roll like that.”

“Oh,” the woman slightly frowned, “another girl’s daddy?”

“Close enough,” Tony countered, “a woman’s best friend.”

“Ah.” The young woman nodded before her eyebrows rose. “Are you messing with her best friend?”

“I’m friends with benefits with a girl, but she doesn’t want to tell her best friend, who just happens to be my sister-in-law. It could get…messy.” He admitted. The last person he needed in his business was Faith.

“Gotcha.” The young woman sat down on her bed. “Well, make yourself at home. You’ll be here for a few minutes before I can escort you out. My nonna will be leaving for her book club meeting soon.”

“I don’t want to cause you any problems,” Tony replied, “I can just go back through the fire escape.”

“No, you’re staying put.” She walked over to Tony and sat him down on her bed. “You’re staying put. You just have to be quiet before my nonna leaves. She’ll be going soon.”

“Your nonna, huh?” Tony admired the young woman before him. She had curly black hair, and full pink lips. They were a stark contrast to her bright, blue eyes. She was gorgeous in an exotic kind of way. “You’re Italian?”

“Half. Tambien soy dominicana.” She smiled.

I’m also Dominican.“Nice combo.”

Credo di si.” She smiled. “That’s Italian for…”

“I think so,” Tony grinned back, “Sono fluente.

She slightly cocked her head. “Non pensavo che fossi italiano.”

Probablemente no sabias yo tambien sabia espanol.” Tony grinned.

The young woman laughed and Tony found it contagious. “Good to know.” She heard a door opening and she put her finger to her mouth. She cracked open her bedroom door and closed it behind her as she exited it.

Tony overheard the woman speaking with an older woman in Spanish. He couldn’t make out all of it other than the other woman said something along the lines of telling the woman to not bring any strange boys in her home. So much for that.

A few moments later, a door was closed and the young woman reappeared in her bedroom. “All clear! Give it a few minutes and you can leave. Sometimes, she forgets something and comes back so I need to make sure you two wouldn’t run into each other yet.”

“Ah, got it.” Tony no longer felt awkward in the woman’s bedroom, though the circumstances were still unbelievable. How in the hell did he manage to be on a date with one woman, end up in Krista’s bed at the end of that date, and in a completely different woman’s bedroom while he was hiding from his nosy-ass sister-in-law?

Tony didn’t have to watch soap operas to fully understand he was on his very special episode called “Tony’s Dick Tales.”


Oh Tony…discover more about his relationship with Ana when Stay With Me will be out on Christmas Day.

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The prequel, One More Chance, is available now!

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