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FlashFriday: Stay With Me (D’Amato Brothers)

Once More Chance - 1400x2100


Meet Tony D’Amato, wealthy single father who loves soap operas and is starring in a real-life version of one.

Caught up in a world where Baby Shark reigns supreme and running his very successful barbershop, Tony doesn’t have much time for any games unless they’re a variation of Peek-A-Boo. He completely erased his ex from his life and moved on. So he thought. A chance reunion made him realize he never stopped loving her but now things are different.

He has a baby daughter that is not his ex’s.

All Krista Allen cares about are Blahniks, bling, and Bentley’s – and not necessarily in that order. The flashier her lifestyle, the better. She’d never envisioned herself as a mother due to her painful upbringing and long accepted that role. So when Tony introduces his infant daughter to Krista, she realizes she has a lot of soul-searching to do. She also wonders if a dry cleaner can save her beloved Louis Vuitton from infant vomit.

Will Krista finally have the family she’d always wanted? Or will their reunion be short and dramatic like Tony’s beloved soap operas?

Stay With Me is the standalone conclusion to One More Chance. This is a contemporary erotic romance deals with trust, second chances, and true love.


Unedited Snippet: 

“Tony, you didn’t have to walk me to my room,” Krista giggled as he wrapped his arms around her waist. “I think I know my way around this hotel.”

“I didn’t want you to be taken advantage of by anyone,” he assured, “and plus, I would feel a lot better if I knew you got up to your room by yourself.”

Krista hiccupped. One too many martinis did that. “Nicola really taught all of you manners, didn’t she?”

“I don’t think she had a choice neither did we,” he replied. Nicola was a single mother raising five sons on her own. “If she heard we were disrespectful to any woman, she whupped us until next week.”

“Smart woman,” Krista nodded. “I wish my mother was like that. But you know…shit happens.”

Tony didn’t know what happened with Krista and her parents, nor did he ever find out why Krista was no longer on speaking terms with her mother. Some things he figured, were best left unknown. “Did you ever want children?”

“I don’t know if I can,” Krista shrugged, “there’s a chance I’ll need some medical intervention but it doesn’t look good.” She hiccupped again. “Another reason why I’m broken goods.”

“You’re not broken goods, Kris.” They stopped at her door and Tony slid Krista’s key in. A click later and they were inside. “You’re more precious than a diamond.” He walked in and set Krista’s key aside. He double-checked the room to make sure it was fine. “You sure you’ll be okay for the night?”

“Yeah, I’ll be fine. I don’t have to be awake for several more hours so I’ll be perfectly fine.” She walked towards Tony and smiled at him. She’d known him since he was a prepubescent teen, who only cared about Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and his faithful Passions.

He still cared about Passions, but he’d grown into a handsome young man. He’d just graduated from high school and was about to go to college that fall. She never heard about Tony being in the streets other than collecting numbers and panties. He was a good kid turned into a good man.

Too bad he was just a bit too young for her. “Do you have a girlfriend, Tony?”

“Not really.” He shyly smiled.

“Not really?” Krista chuckled. “What kind of answer is that?”

“I’m seeing people but it’s nothing serious.” He revealed. “Just kinda seeing what’s out there.” He paused for a beat. “Are you seeing anyone?”

“Nothing serious.” She admitted. “Just dating around. Unlike certain people we know tomorrow, I’m not ready for marriage yet. I don’t know when I will be.”

He agreed. “I hear that. Good for you dating, though. Seeing what you like and what you don’t.”

“Yeah, but it gets old after a while. How many times can I present the same act to the same crowd without wanting to change things up a bit?” She sat at the table and Tony followed. “That’s what dating is – you showcase your best representative until the real you comes out in the relationship. It might take a few weeks, a few months, or even a few years.”

“True that.” He agreed.

Krista looked over at Tony. He stood over six feet tall and was seemingly made of chiseled stone. His was lean and muscular, though he hid his frame behind baggy clothes. He’s always had girlfriends, though many of them didn’t last more than a few months. “Wanna play Truth or Dare?”

“Just the two of us?” He asked. “It’s more fun when it’s a group of people.”

“I think we’ll have some fun.” Krista smiled. “Wanna play?”

“Okay, I’ll play.” He flashed his beautiful smile.

“Well, choose.” She smiled. “Truth or dare.”

Tony took an easy route. “Truth.”

“Are you a virgin, Tony?”

Tony recognized the setting in the various pornos he’d watched throughout the years. Cheesy dialogue, even cheesier setting, and the next thing he knew, some poor girl was getting her face stuffed with a monster dick while the man said Oscar-worthy commentary such as ‘your mouth is like a vacuum, baby.’ “Um, Kris…”

“Did I cross a line?” She smiled.

“No.” Tony actually wanted her to cross the line since he was a kid. “Just wasn’t expecting that question.”

“Well, you know I’m not.” She stated.

“Well, I didn’t know that. I don’t really think about that stuff.” Lie. He thought about it on an almost nightly basis.

“I’m just saying you shouldn’t be a virgin when you go off to college. Every college girl needs an experienced man.”

“I have experience,” Tony swallowed and felt the air become thicker. “Not a lot of it, but I’m not a virgin. I haven’t been one for a while.”

She reached down and stroked him through his jeans. Her eyes widened a little when she felt more than she’d expected. “How long is awhile?” She asked.

“Oh boy,” Tony swallowed again and his chest tightened. “A while.”

Krista slightly cocked her head. “Are you nervous, Tony?”

“Nervous?” He was scared shitless. “No, but I also don’t want things to be awkward between us tomorrow. I don’t want you to think I want you to be my girlfriend and all. I don’t want to think we’re going to be dating, you know? Like I don’t want to ruin our…” He swallowed again. “…friendship.”

“Why don’t we just fuck tonight?” She began. “And then go back to being friends tomorrow?”

“I don’t know if it’ll be that easy,” he replied, “I can’t just hook up with you and act like nothing happened, Kris.”

“Tony, you just said you didn’t want any weirdness between us. We’re not going to date. We’re not going to be in a relationship. If we just have this night, it’ll be fine.” She promised. “I want you to have the full college experience. I want you to have girlfriends, flings, and all that. We only have this one night.”

Tony didn’t want to admit Krista was right. He was 18, she was 23. Was she really going to be okay with him partying and being a stupid college student while she was already doing her own thing? When would they actually see each other?

Hell, Tony wasn’t even old enough to go 21 and over clubs. He didn’t think Krista wanted to be stuck in Romper Room until he became legal.

Krista got up and motioned Tony to stand. She walked backwards until the back of her knees hit the bed. She fell and pulled Tony on top of her. She read his light eyes and smiled when she saw him express the same interest. His mouth might have been saying one thing but the dick between his legs wanted to murder her vagina.

She ran her fingers through his dark, lush hair and pulled him in for a kiss. While it was still unclear whether he had sexual experience, Tony definitely knew how to kiss. His mouth devoured hers and his tongue was playful.

He licked the inside of her mouth and gently sucked on her lips. He moaned as she purred, slowly grinding against her heat. His body was rock hard and warm against the coolness of her skin.

He kissed her with a fervent desperation, an anxiousness only reserved for lovers who only had limited time with each other. Pleasure radiated through her body as Tony quickly took control and showed her he wasn’t playing any games.

He reached for both of her hands and held them above her head, while his free hand explored her body. His hands went everywhere, teasing her breast, over her taut stomach, and finally cupped her warm sex. “Krista…” His voice came out in a low groan.

He rubbed the paper-thin fabric between her thighs and Krista gasped at the way he did it. The way he positioned himself on top of Krista, she felt all of him. He was no longer a little boy but a grown-ass man with grown-ass needs. She’d had sex with forgettable men; men who had no idea what they were doing, despite their ages.

Tony, however, already knew her body. He paid attention to her moans, her coos, and the heat radiating between her thighs. He shifted his position and ground against her so she could feel how hard his cock had become for her. He was thick and hard, throbbing against her slick heat.

She wrapped her legs around his waist as they rocked together. Krista felt she was on the brink of an orgasm, and she was still fully clothed. His mouth was wicked hot as he covered hers. “Tony…” She moaned.

“You’re mine, Kris.” He roughly took her mouth again. “Just for tonight.” He pulled back from her once he realized he needed another guest star in the room. “I’ll need to go downstairs and get condoms,” he mentioned, “I didn’t bring any with me.”

The chances of Krista becoming pregnant were slim and at one point in her life, she didn’t care she was reckless. Tony was a different type of man and if anyone close to them found out how irresponsible they both were, Krista didn’t even want to think about the hell Faith would’ve given her. “Okay.” Krista watched Tony lift up. She removed her pants and t-shirt, revealing a lacy bra and panty set. “I’ll be waiting.”

Good Lord Almighty. Krista looked like a goddess straight out of fantasy. The pink lacy fabric looked delicious against her warm skin. Tony felt his mouth water as he thought about how wonderful her breasts might feel jiggling beneath him as he was on top of her.

Time was not to be wasted when he needed to get laid. Tony licked his lips and grabbed one of her keys. “I’ll be right back!” He rushed out of her room and made a beeline to the elevator. He didn’t go downstairs; he went straight to Nick’s room.

He pounded on Nick’s door. “Come on, man. Open up.” He muttered under his breath. “Nicky! Yo, Nicky! It’s Tony, man! Open up!”

A few moments later, Nick opened the door. He had a stern look on his face and casually folded his arms. “This better be good.”


Tony’s story will be out by the end of the year.


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