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I almost ruined his reputation because of a printed lie. Yet, he saved my life.

I was wounded and vengeful, from a past that jaded my present and future. Soul vowed to protect and heal me, despite how much damage I’d inflicted on him.

He was my mirror and I was his reflection. He knew me, accepted my demons as his, and loved me unconditionally.

He was my everything.

He was My Soul.

Bestselling and USA Today featured authorVera Roberts’s Ellison Brothers series continues with Her Soul, a sexy venture into the fashion industry, the #metoo movement and finding love in unexpected places.



Soul slowly opens the door and peeks his head inside. “Did you want to talk about what the hell just happened?”

I wrap my arms around my knees and rest on them. Soul walks inside and sits at a comfortable distance on my bed. “Soul, I just got out of a bad relationship. I’m staying with you until I feel better but I still have a life to get back to in L.A. You’re situated here in Harlem. I don’t do long-distance relationships and I’m pretty sure you don’t, neither.”

“I don’t,” he agrees with me, “but I want to see where this goes. It could be beautiful or a disaster.”

“And that’s the thing,” I joke through sadness, “I don’t want a category five storm that will leave me shook for all eternity.”

“If you don’t want this, Ari, I’ll respect it.” Soul stood up. “I don’t want you to feel uncomfortable at any time here. Nothing will change between us because nothing happened. We’re good.” He winks at me. “Good night.” He left my room.

I remain in the same position forever after Soul leaves. I don’t bother to go chasing him like some groupie. I stay firmly in my room and take several deep breaths. I’m about to go back to L.A. and make a name for myself. I’m going to be on TV and I’m going to be a household name.

As I wash my face and get ready for bed, I can’t help but to feel I just made a huge mistake. I feel like we’re on a Very Special Episode with the cheesy violins and strings on some 80’s Friday sitcom about the importance of relationships and sex. Or worst, we’re on another Very Important Episode about teenagers doing adult things and facing the consequences of said actions.

Neither one of us are teens, but the adult consequences of are actions are still very real.

I rush out of my bedroom and go back downstairs to Soul. He’s getting another bowl of popcorn ready and he’s quiet. Over the last several weeks, I learned that when Soul is in a good mood, he hums. When Soul is in a so-so mood, he’s unusually quiet.

He’s not upset, but he’s definitely not happy.

He gets a beer from the fridge and pops it open, taking a long pull from it. He finally meets my attention and just looks at me. “Did you need anything, Ari?”

“Actually, yes.” I rush over to him and sweep my lips over his. Soul barely has enough time to put the beer down before he wrapped his arms around my body. His lips were soft as he applied just a little pressure on me.

His tongue swept the inside of my mouth, tasting and exploring me. He kissed me like a man full of confidence and exploration; not someone aggressive and sloppy. I sighed and moaned in response and that encouraged Soul to kiss me deeper.

He lifted me up and hoisted me on the counter as he stood between my thighs. He growled my name and my body sighed in response. My fingers became lost in his hair when his lips sucked on my neck. The pounding of my heartbeat became deafening and the dampness in my panties increased my desire.

I wrapped my thighs around Soul’s waist and ground against him, anxious to feel him deeper. My clit throbbed for his touch and my breasts became heavy and tender. Soul’s kisses deepened, taking over my senses and I lost all sense of control. When his body pressed against mine, I felt how rapid his heartbeat was, though he was under control.

My shirt came off, along with his. He stood back and stared at my body. Once again, I became self-conscious and covered up my breasts but he quickly pulled my hands down. “No, I want to see them. I want to see how beautiful they are.”

I bit back threatening tears as waves of emotion washed over me. I was always ashamed of my body and Jared’s blistering comments never helped. My booty was never big enough. My waist was becoming too wide. My nipples looked awkward. It was always something with him.

With Soul, he appreciated me – all of me. He lowered his head again and took my mouth with an aggression he’d previously kept hidden. His tongue explored my mouth yet again and I rose to the challenge. I wanted Soul. I needed him inside me.

“If you want me to see them, I want you to show me.” He whispered.

We both knew what he was doing. He wanted me to be in control of everything. He wanted me to control the narrative and what happened. Maybe it was his way of acquiesced my needs or maybe he wanted to cover his ass considering what just happened to him.

Nevertheless, I pushed him back. With a sly smile, I unhooked my bra and revealed my breasts to him. Soul licked his lips and cupped them within his hands. He kissed one, then the other. His mouth surrounded my breast while a free hand gently twisted the nipple.

“Soul…” My voice became breathless and full of ache. It only matched the yearning between my thighs. He pulled back and my eyes flew open. He was breathing hard and stared at me with the same intensity.

“More?” He asked and I feverishly nodded. “Good.” He pulled off my shorts and panties before he spread me wide open on his counter. He looked down at my pussy and smiled. “Beautiful.”

I blushed and closed my eyes on the embarrassment. Before I could fully react, I felt Soul’s fingers brush against my clit. His thumb padded my swollen clit as he inserted another inside. His fingers were long and skillful, knowing how much pressure to put on and when to pull back.

My body began to ride his fingers as he kissed my neck. I softly moaned; my body seized by incredible pleasure, and wanting more of it. He’d seized my body upon my command and was careful to play by my rules.

I became greedy for Soul; I wanted everything from him – his love, attention, and protection. He owned me. He had control over me. I couldn’t wait to give him enough.

My legs began to shake and my breathing became harder to control. Lust took over my senses and nothing else mattered. My only focus was climaxing, yet Soul was giving me sweet denial of it.

“You want to come, Ari?” He teased me and I nodded. “No, I want you to say it.”

“I want to come!” My voice came out shaky and pleading, almost crying.

“Good. You may.” He ordered.

I came with a soft cry as I held onto Soul. Pleasure rippled through me and I felt reborn. I needed that climax. I needed that release. I used to be shy about my orgasms and can admit I faked more than I should’ve with Jared. With Soul, I didn’t have to fake. He wouldn’t let me.

I came with a soft cry as I held onto Soul. Pleasure rippled through me and I felt reborn. I needed that climax. I needed that release. I used to be shy about my orgasms and can admit I faked more than I should’ve with Jared. With Soul, I didn’t have to fake. He wouldn’t let me.

I thought everything was done until I saw Soul hook one of my legs behind his shoulder as he lowered himself. Before I could protest, his tongue swept over my clit. I manage to hold onto the kitchen faucet as Soul licked my wet slit, teasing and tasting me.

He pulled my cunt closer to his face and I barely had time to hold onto the counter. The soft moans I had before become louder. His tongue became faster and hungrier. My body responded with more vibrations and movements.

I screamed out my climax and Soul didn’t stop. I came a third time and had to push him away. He kissed my both thighs, my mound, up to my tummy before he sucked both breasts again. He then kissed me.

“When’s your interview?” He asks.

“Next week.” I breathed.

He placed his forehead against mine. I feel how hard and sweaty his body his. His breath is intense and still full of my love. Soul simply nods and takes a pull from his beer. He offers me a drink and I greedily take it.

He cleans me off and helps me dress again. “Did you want to finish watching the movie?” He asks.

“Um, sure.” I reply. I make my way back to the living room. I don’t know what the hell just happened but I definitely know I want more of it. I only have one more week and that’s it.

From a short distance, I hear Soul humming a song. It’s “Two Occasions” by The Deele.


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