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announcing themarriage of


I need to get out of the hood.

Like pronto.

Like expeditiously.

Interning at a law firm where there are nothing but white folks and very few black faces may not be my ticket to go. I don’t want to get trapped somewhere between a Pumpkin Spice Latte convention and the Sunken Place.

Yet, when I do cross paths with him, well, it’s game over.

Every girl has that line they will not cross. Savior Ellison was that line.


“Why are you here?” I ask him. Might as well get straight to the point without the bullshit.

“I’m here because I was curious if there was anything I can do to convince you about my offer,” he slowly turns to me, “I want you and I won’t stop until I actually have you.”

“Why me?” I ask. “Why not some other down on her luck, round the way girl here. There’s a dime a dozen here for you to choose.” I pause briefly. “Since you seem to be into that type of thing.”

“That type of thing?” Savior repeats. “What do you think is going on here?”

“Rich white boy sees poor black girl as a personal fuck toy and will give her some money for her services when he’s done,” I stare at him dead in his eyes, “it’s prostitution under the guise of charity.”

“You think I do this all of the time?” Savior chuckles.

I don’t like that he’s laughing. It already tells me I’m dead-ass wrong. I personally don’t like his chuckling because it’s the sexiest fucking thing I’ve ever heard. But mama didn’t raise a punk and I’m not about to back down. “Yes.”

“Do I look like the type of guy who will spend a lot of time here in Inglewood?” He counters. “Look at me. Do I look like I come here all of the time trolling for pussy?”

Savior is dressed down in a sweater and jeans, both which are perfectly tailored to his fit body. He looks and smells wealthy, expensive, and my personal new favorite, just plain masculine. He could get any woman he wanted and according to Google, he just about has.

He’s been linked to Hollywood starlets and other wealthy socialites. He even has a few fan pages on tumblr and Facebook, though I get the feeling he doesn’t care about any of that. “Why me?”

“Ever since I saw you, I can’t get you out of my mind. When we ran into each other, my only thought was to see how you would sound and feel beneath me. And I need to see if this is real or just a fantasy.”

I’m ignoring the sensations created by my body and trying to focus on the task itself. “You do this with all of your interns?”

“No, you’re the lucky one.” He counters.

“Am I really?” I grin.

“Yes,” he states. He was about to continue when the all-too familiar sounds of a siren interrupts his train of thought.

“You get used to it,” I reply, “it could be an emergency, it could be a gang member, it could be a GTA, and that’s normally what it is.” I shrug. “This is my life, Savior. Ain’t no pussy worth coming over here and possibly getting shot up because someone sees your ride parked out and think they want that now.”

“Your life is more in danger than mine, Keisha.” He replies. “I’m a rich white man in Inglewood. They won’t harm me because they know how fast the cops would be here if they do.” His finger caresses my face and my body warms to it. “You’re more in danger for just stepping outside of your home.”

The man has a point. “What is that you want from me?” I repeat.

“I came over to see if you made any progress on what you wanted in exchange. I know my offer was generous but I’m sure you have an equally-good counter offer.” He pauses. “I also hope maybe my appearance would be able to make you see things my way.”

“I haven’t thought about what I would like in exchange.” The images of floating money enter my mind but I have to snap out of it. I already feel like a low-rate prostitute for entertaining white boy’s offer and I’m not about to make it official.

“How about…” He lies down on my bed and pulls me along with him. “…a new car?”

My little Honda Civic is only five years old. It has decent mileage and I’m a bit ashamed to say how often it was used as a getaway car for some shit Jalen has done. “Maybe.”

Savior’s hands travel up my midsection and under my shirt. He softly kisses my neck and a small moan comes out of me. “A new wardrobe?”

“Forever 21 is just fine,” I thought about what he asked and thought I could use fresher clothing for the law firm, “I can use a few more slacks.”

“New sneaks?” He whispers. “Tasha told me you were a sneakerhead.”

I slowly nod as I feel my jeans becoming undone and Savior’s slips a hand inside them. He’s rubbing my pussy through the soft pink fabric of my panties. “I love Jordans.” I sigh.

Savior’s lips caress mine again and he softly explores my mouth with his tongue. His tongue is skillful, delirious, and hungry for me. I lose my fingers within his silken locks and wonder if this is really happening.

Savior slides his body down mine and pulls my jeans off me. He lays between my thighs and pulls my panties aside to see my almost-bald snatch. Without saying another word, his tongue caresses my clit and I’m sent home to glory.

“Oh fuck!” I cry out as he wraps his arms around my waist and pulls my pussy closer to his face. His tongue is delectable, greedy, and just fucking wonderful. My body starts riding his tongue with every stroke and lick.

His tongue softly flicked my clit back and forth as I felt the stubble on his face. His tongue circled me and I felt the emotion down to my spine. My soft mewls became throaty moans and I was so thankful Tasha and SoundCloud were not at home. I would’ve never heard the end of it from those niggas.

The fire slowly builds in my tummy. It started at the pit of my stomach and traveled up until I scream out my climax. Flashes of white light compound me and my body is in a vise of pleasure.

I feel Savior pull my panties down and gets off my bed. I slowly open my eyes and see him in front of my mirror, straightening out his sweater and fixing his hair. “I hope I made my point,” he turns back to me and winks. “It’s Saturday afternoon now. You have until Monday morning to decide what you want.” He grabs my Wal-Mart panties and stuffs them in his pocket. His phone rings and he answers it. “I’ll be out now.”  He stuffs the phone into his other pocket and pulls out his car keys. “In case you need more convincing, I left you a brand-new gift.” He tosses the keys over to me. “I hope you enjoy it.”

I pick up the keys and they’re to the BMW SUV parked outside. What I thought was just a sexual relationship is starting to turn into something more and I’m not sure if my black ass actually likes that. “Savior, I can’t…”

He sweeps his lips over mine. I taste him and myself on his tongue. His kiss is demanding, but not overbearing. He means business and I can tell this is going to be an arrangement that will be deeper than what both of us expected it to be.

He pulls back from me and stares into my eyes. “Monday at eleven is your deadline. You’re already on my schedule.” He kisses me again. “I’ll see you then, Keisha.” He leaves.

I already have a car and tuition that will be paid for should I finally take him up on the offer. Of course, the boss bitch in me wonders if the car has my name on it or if it’s just loaner until later. I’m not worried about that, though. I’m more concerned about the specific details of this arrangement.

I’ll guess I’ll find out on Monday. This could be everything or the worst thing that’s ever happened to me. Only one way to find out.


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The newly-released version of Her Savior will include snippets of Simply Complicated (Ellison Brothers #2) and Her Ocean (Ellison Brothers #3).