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Knee-deep in the land of alternative facts and fake news, Senator Ocean Ellison is caught between protecting the woman he loves – a reality star with a notorious past – and being an ambitious politician.

As their relationship becomes public, Ocean must decide if being with Aaliyah Smith is worth the risk – even if it means he’ll become a target by his own father.

Bestselling and USA Today featured authorVera Roberts’s Ellison Brothers series continues with Watercolors, a sexy venture into a high-stakes political romance that deals with revenge, true love, and if time really heals.


It was like they never left each other at all.

Aaliyah and Ocean explored Atlanta and everything it had to offer. She took him all of the touristy spots like the Georgia Aquarium and Botanical Garden. She also took him to hidden gems like Junkman’s Daughter. They stopped by Fresh Nectar, a clothing brand co-owned by Ocean’s brother, Soul, and received free clothing.

Aaliyah didn’t typically wore a lot of urban clothing but saw a super cute hemp bracelet and matching necklace, so Ocean got it for her. She also picked up some waist beads at another local shop.

“What do the waist beads do?” Ocean asked.

“Well, these promote energy and healing,” Aaliyah replied as she admired the turquoise and purple beads, “good vibes all around.”

“Mmm,” he snaked an arm around her waist and kissed her temple, “I like that how that sounds.”

Aaliyah shivered as Ocean touched her. She would never get over feeling Ocean on her body. She almost forgot why they finally escaped her condo. Ocean’s surprise phone call from his mother wasn’t a surprise at all. She reminded him about Briana Gooding’s fundraiser that weekend. “I don’t have anything for this weekend’s fundraiser.”

“I thought that’s why we’re out shopping right now?” He asked. “You wanted to buy a gown since you didn’t have one?”

“I do but…” Aaliyah paused. “…are you sure you want to make a public appearance like this so soon?”

“You wanted to be a part of my life, rainbow.” He politely reminded her as they walked down the street. “This is my life now.”

“I know that and I get it but we’re still trying to figure things out between us. A public appearance might tell people something.” She countered.


“We’re together,” she replied, “and you still haven’t figured out how you were going to handle your father with that info.”

“He’ll deal.” Ocean stated.

Aaliyah didn’t like how lackadaisical Ocean was about his father’s power. Ocean may have been used to it but Aaliyah never could be. “You’re willing to risk me being told off by your father in front of the wealthy and elite?” Aaliyah asked. “How romantic of you.”

“He wouldn’t do that.” Ocean reassured. “He has too much pride to do something that despicable.”

“Does he now?” Aaliyah asked. She folded her lips together and refrained from saying anything further. “Okay.”

“The fundraiser is for Briana Gooding,” Ocean replied, “so, my father will not make a scene when it’s a fundraiser than benefits her and the rest of the Democratic party.”

“You sure you want me there?” Aaliyah looked over at him. Even with the bright sun shining down on them both, Ocean was gorgeous as ever. “I might make things uncomfortable for everyone.”

“If you’re going to be with me, I’m not going to hide you.” He lifted up her hand and kissed it. “Besides, I’m sure you want to see everyone again.”

“If you mean your brothers, yes.” Aaliyah smiled.

After a day of shopping, the pair returned and watched TV while catching up on their respective work. Ocean went over another bill while Aaliyah finished working on the lion’s head tattoo.

They settled back into a quiet familiarity with each other. Being in the same space, yet doing their respective interests. It felt warm, and at home, as if they’d always done this routine and it was just another day in the Ellison household.

Aaliyah briefly wondered if it would be like that once they’re married. “What made you go into civil rights service?” Aaliyah asked as she sat at her dining room table.

“A part of it was seeing how my father interacted with the community. Despite his personal misgivings, he was about equality and justice for all.” Ocean said as he prepared dinner. “He was about Black Lives Matter before it became a hashtag. I had a lot of black friends when I went to college and just hearing their stories about being followed in a store, harassed by the police, and automatically being assumed they’re criminals when they’re working on their degrees?” He shook his head. “I had to get involved and I did.”

“Were your parents okay with it or were they like, ‘Stay out of this, this is not your fight’?”

“My mom was gung-ho and my father was to an extent,” Ocean replied, “my father went through a lot back then with people calling him all sorts of names ranging from nigger lover towigger to everything else under the sun. I’m not sure if it ever bothered him but I do know he didn’t want us to be subjected to that as well.” He paused for a beat. “Which is why he didn’t want us to have black girlfriends.”

Everything began to make perfect sense to Aaliyah. It didn’t matter if she came dressed as nun or if she presented her true self to Thomas, he wouldn’t have accepted her, anyway. “Yet, you and your brothers all have black girlfriends?”

“When you make something forbidden, you naturally want it more.” He replied. “I’m attracted to most women regardless of race.”

“But you dating black women gave you a satisfaction that this will piss off your father?” She stated.

“I learned a valuable lesson one day some many years ago,” Ocean stated, “that at one point, I have to live my life for myself. I can’t live it for them or for anyone else. My mother got that memo, but my father…” He shook his head and his shoulders dropped. “…it’s going to be a lifelong challenge.”

Aaliyah noticed the somber change in Ocean’s mood. It seemed the father-son relationship between him and Thomas was as good as it was going to be. Ocean spoke fondly of his father at times, though there was a sharp undercurrent of disappointment and anger.

Aaliyah decided to change the topic before she completely ruined his vacation. “Do you still give medical advice?” Aaliyah asked

“Always,” Ocean continued to prepare dinner. “After every floor meeting, I have at least two or three senators coming into my office, asking me to check their heart rate.”

“Ouch.” Aaliyah bristled. “I didn’t realize how stressful politics could be.”

“It’s not so much it’s stress but rather people don’t know how to act.” Ocean tossed the Brussels sprouts. “Everyone is friendly when they’re off the floor but when they’re on it, everyone’s a bully.”

“Including you?” She glanced over at him.

“Only when I’m pushed. People leave me alone for the most part.” He added. “But politics isn’t a profession where you’re going to leave with clean hands. Everyone gets their hands dirty one way or another. You do things you thought you would never do and make deals with people you had long despised to get what you want. It’s not a profession for anyone who is innocent.”

Aaliyah removed her glasses and looked at Ocean. She knew he could’ve been talking about anyone but she had a feeling he was specifically referring to himself. “What things did you had to do and what deals with unsavory people did you make them with?”

Ocean immediately thought of Jay. He still couldn’t get over at what a conniving asshole he was behind closed doors but America’s Favorite Uncle in the general public. If there was a true definition of Jekyll and Hyde, Jay certainly fit the bill.

Ocean also made a life changing deal with his parents. “You know that song by Garth Brooks? He speaks about low friends in high places? That’s why I had to deal with.”

Aaliyah shook her head. The Ocean she knew hated politics and often talked about his own struggles working the city council to get proper funding for certain things. Now Ocean was the one thing he hated. “So why are you involved? You gave me a canned response before but I don’t believe that was the real reason.”

Ocean stopped cooking and locked eyes with Aaliyah. “Sometimes, baby, to get what you want, you have to get your hands dirty.”

Aaliyah was a little frightened by Ocean’s closet notoriety. She also found herself very much attracted to his cutthroat and powerful attitude. A deep yearning stirred within her and her mouth suddenly became hungry for him. “Oh, is that so?”

“That’s so.” He smiled. “Politics isn’t a game for boys or girls, rainbow. Either you go hard or you go home.”

Aaliyah got up from her seat and walked over to Ocean. She grabbed his dick print through his slacks and he immediately became hardened within her hands. “Go hard or go home, eh?”

Ocean set the spoon aside and licked his lips as Aaliyah stroked him through his grey sweatpants. A low moan rumbled in his throat as she nibbled along his jawline. “I’m hungry,” she breathed.

“Mmm….” Ocean’s breathing became heavy and his eyes, dark. “You should probably eat something.”

Aaliyah lowered herself down to her knees and pulled Ocean’s sweatpants down to give her enough access. His hard cock jutted out and Aaliyah rolled the cock over her lips and mouth. She loved the scent of him; the musky aroma made her slick and hot.

Before Ocean could say anything more, Aaliyah wrapped her full lips around his cock. She steadied one hand on the back of Ocean’s thighs while the other fisted his cock as she sucked him. The soft hardness of him fit snugly within her warm mouth and she moaned with each motion.

Ocean looked down and gasped as he watched Aaliyah suck him off. She didn’t go through the motions of giving head. She thoroughly loved it and got off by hearing him lose control. She was an amazing lover like that – she loved to give just as much as she loved to receive.

“Baby,” Ocean caressed her cheek.

Aaliyah grinned and hollowed her cheeks to suck him harder. She let go of his cock and wrapped both hands around his legs as she began to deep throat him. Ocean gasped and his knees buckled when she took him deep the first time.

The second time, he made a sound filled with angst and agony.

The third time, he bit his fist and breathed hard through his nose.

The fourth time, he begged her to not stop sucking him.

All Aaliyah thought was, I got your ass now, boo.

Her head bobbled as she sucked him more. She used a little saliva to lube him up and combined both hands to make a twisting motion as she sucked. Ocean grew harder and thicker within her hands and mouth. He held her steady as he began to fuck her mouth.

“Damn Liyah,” Ocean moaned as he fucked her mouth, “you suck me so good, baby. You like sucking this dick? You like to take it all in your mouth?”

Aaliyah went crazy. All she could think about was pleasuring Ocean, her man. Just thinking how it looked between them – she in her bohemian attire while Ocean was in a tank top and sweatpants, while she sucked him off with reckless abandon.

She cupped Ocean’s balls and felt how tight they’d become. He was close to climaxing and she was too greedy to wait. She sucked him harder and eased up when Ocean released a loud moan and emptied in her mouth.

He continued to fuck her while his cock throbbed and twitched with every release. The come hit the back of Aaliyah’s throat and she opened as wide she could to take all of him. Ocean’s body shuddered and he spoke in tongues, promising her everything in between.

She licked him clean and put him back. Aaliyah went to get some iced water and gave Ocean a glass. “That was fun.” She said after a gulp.

Ocean finished his glass and set it aside. “It was.” He backed Aaliyah over to the table and bent her over. He lifted up her skirt and pulled down her bikini underwear. “This will be more fun.” He relieved his cock from his sweatpants and slid inside Aaliyah, who gasped and moaned. “That’s it. That’s my pussy right there.” He bent over and kissed her ear as he fed his cock into her. “You love this dick, huh?”

“Yes!” Aaliyah moaned. Ocean increased his thrust and she felt his balls slap against the wet slit of her pussy. She tried to ease away from it but he pulled her back.

“Ooh, where you going, boo? Don’t run.” He licked her earlobe. He reached over and cupped her small breasts as he pushed harder inside her. “Take this dick.”

“Ocean!” Aaliyah breathed. He’d given her deliberate thrusts inside the depths of her pussy and she couldn’t take it. The ecstasy he’d given her took her to another plane and her breath quickened as she clenched tighter around him. She lost her mind and a voracious vixen took her place.

“Your pussy feels so good,” Ocean growled. He pounded her harder and felt her pussy quiver along his cock. She was about to come and he wanted to feel all of it. “Whose pussy is this?”

“Yours!” She cried.

“Say my name!”

“Ocean!” The orgasm washed over Aaliyah and she trembled against her table. The orgasm tore into her, splitting her apart, and Aaliyah felt more connected to him than before. Her emotions were everywhere and she didn’t know how to feel or even what to think. She was dazed, but not confused.

Ocean came a short time later and emptied inside her. He lifted her shirt and kissed her back. He eased himself out of her and retrieved a wet washcloth to clean her up. He tossed it aside and straightened Aaliyah up. He turned her around and gave her a bruising kiss before he pulled away. “Dinner’s ready.” He slapped her ass.

Baby Boy!

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