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Knee-deep in the land of alternative facts and fake news, Senator Ocean Ellison is caught between protecting the woman he loves – a reality star with a notorious past – and being an ambitious politician.

As their relationship becomes public, Ocean must decide if being with Aaliyah Smith is worth the risk – even if it means he’ll become a target by his own father.

Bestselling and USA Today featured authorVera Roberts’s Ellison Brothers series continues with Watercolors, a sexy venture into a high-stakes political romance that deals with revenge, true love, and if time really heals.


Aaliyah got out of the tub and prepared herself for bed. The playlist switched to Aretha Franklin’s “Wholy Holy” and Aaliyah closed her eyes to feel the spirit of the gospel hymn. Everything was going to be okay no matter what happened between her and Ocean.

Her doorbell suddenly rang and startled Aaliyah out of her thoughts. It was already midnight and she knew better to answer her door at that time. She lived in an area where many people didn’t get lost and asked for directions. She purposely chose to live some place where unless one lived or were making a delivery of some sorts, it wasn’t an area anyone would venture off into.

She checked the doorbell app on her cell phone and received the shock of her life when it was Ocean behind the door. “What in the hell?” Aaliyah quickly covered herself with a robe and raced downstairs.

She opened the door and found a smiling Ocean behind the door. “Next week?” She leaned the door jamb.

“No,” he pushed himself inside and kicked the door behind him. He circled Aaliyah’s hips with his thumbs and pressed her against the door. Her robe opened and revealed her nude body. “Tonight.”

Aaliyah felt Ocean’s smooth hands smooth over her breasts, circle her taut stomach and touch her everywhere but where she needed it the most. Her body immediately attuned to his as if he was the missing piece in the puzzle.

She was naked and bare, while he was once again still fully clothed. She recognized it was his silent way of telling her she was in control of their narrative. If she didn’t want anything to progress, it stopped right then and there. If she wanted more, he would go all night until they were both exhausted.

“Liyah…” His warm breath coated her neck as he gently sucked on it. “…I want you.”

“O…” She moaned. She closed her eyes as she felt how soft and warm his lips were. “…this is a bad idea.”

“Why?” He asked. “I don’t want to wait any longer to declare you’re mine, Liyah.”

“Because it won’t work.” She pushed him away and covered herself. “It just won’t work! You’re in D.C. and I’m here! That’s a long distance, O.”

“It’s a two-hour flight.” He stepped closer to her but kept his distance. “And I can make that flight often if need be.”

“You expect me to fly in and out every night to see you?” She shook her head. “Now I officially know you lost your damn mind.”

“I expect you to see me as often as you’re able to and if I’m paying for the flights, it shouldn’t be an issue.” He closed the distance between them and she let him. He unwrapped her robe again and let it fall down to the floor. “But I’m not leaving here until everything is settled between us.” He swept his lips over hers. “And I want you tonight. Please?”

The feeling of love, mixed in with lust became too much to overcome. Aaliyah’s breathing became hitched in her throat and the longing in her body completely took over. Aaliyah wrapped her arms around Ocean and nodded. “Take me. Now. Now!”

She pushed Ocean back and fumbled with his clothing until he was naked. Aaliyah gasped at the sight of him. Ocean had always been fit but now he was just a beautiful, muscular man. Golden skin, tanned to perfection, covered his muscles with small patches of soft, brown hair.

The air was heavy with need and want as they spoke no words. Ocean stood before Aaliyah, raw, naked, and unashamed. He never hid his emotions. He never brushed off anything. He was honest, no matter how much the truth hurt.

Now all Aaliyah wanted was for Ocean to be inside her. Her sex clenched and became slick with wetness as it wanted to be completely filled with Ocean’s thick shaft. She knew if she slept with him, she could no longer claim he was her ex, though the exact title was unclear.

Aaliyah would worry about that later as she watched Ocean produced a condom and quickly slid it on. Aaliyah felt her brain become dizzy under Ocean’s intensity. The air became thin as the sexual heat turned up between them.

He backed her against the wall and curled one of her legs around his waist. He kissed her hard, almost bruising her lips. He slid inside her and they both gasped at the delicious friction. He wasn’t completely inside her and Ocean already filled Aaliyah.

“Damn, baby.” He pressed his forehead against hers. “Your pussy feels so fucking good.” He moved slowly inside her as Aaliyah softly moaned in his ear. “I thought about fucking his pussy again for so long and now I am.” He pushed in harder and faster, filling her to the brim as the gospel song became louder.

Ocean lifted Aaliyah and walked her over to the dining room table. He laid her down on the messy table full of papers and documents and didn’t bother to clear them off. He spread her legs apart and drove his thick, hardened cock inside her.

“Fuck, Liyah,” Ocean’s breath came out in ragged spurts as he moaned. He wrapped his arms around her legs and closed them against his chest for deeper penetration. Raw and ethereal emotion took over and Ocean didn’t hold anything back. He slammed into Aaliyah over and over again, causing her to have multiple small orgasms.

“O…O…” She gripped the table as she felt getting close again.

“We’re together now. I’m going to love, protect, and honor you. No more games, okay? No more bullshit.” His thrusts became harder with each word. “We’re meant to be.”

Aaliyah was in a daze. It had been a long time since a man gave it to her the way Ocean did and she never knew when it would happen again. She had to stop playing with her emotions and realize they were meant to be together. It wasn’t going to be easy and she didn’t know how long they would actually last.

They both had to try again just to say they gave it one final shot. They both deserved that of themselves and each other.

Aaliyah felt her body tightening up and the small coils of an impending orgasm. Her pussy suckled Ocean’s thick length. Ocean steadily pounds away at her, ripping more orgasms from her body.

“Come for me, baby.” He purred. “I want to feel your hot come all over my dick.”

“Fuck!” Aaliyah’s body lifted off the table and slammed hard back down. Her body shook involuntarily on its own and trembled against his relentless thrusts.

“That’s my baby,” Ocean thrust a few more times before he was met with his own powerful orgasm. His body stilled and he dropped Aaliyah’s legs around his waist. He collapsed on top of her and breathed against her body. Aaliyah wrapped her arms and legs around Ocean and neither spoke.

There was absolutely nothing to be said.


Watercolors will be out this weekend.

To read the first several chapters, click here.

And yes, this is the song they did it to:

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