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The forbidden fruit was always the sweetest.

Savannah James dishes out love and relationship advice, while keeping her identity a closely guarded secret. When she spies on her roommate’s brother and his girlfriend being intimate, and blogs about it, she opened up Pandora’s Box. It’s all good until…the subject of said blog post reads about it.

Fast cars, mechanical bulls, and more adult toys than a girl can imagine make up this short and sexy summer read by bestselling author Vera Roberts.


The pair was mostly silent during the car ride to Vegas, with Savannah staring out of the window for the most part. She didn’t even dare to look at Blake’s face when they arrived at a private garage located in the desert.

“I think…” Blake leaned forward to look around. There were no markers or anything to indicate if he even arrived at the right place. “…we’re here?”

Savannah didn’t like the turn the trip had taken. They were literally in the middle of nowhere and the cell phone reception was poor. Yep, it was official – she was about to die. Blake was going to turn all Michael Myers on her and Savannah could already hear the Jaws theme song somewhere in the background. On second thought, she thought she just mixed up two movies.


She blinked the horrendous thoughts out of her mind and turned towards Blake. His eyes alternated between a grey and green color, almost like a lake. His eyes were intense, hypnotizing, and completely focused on her. His mere presence pulled her in, and Savannah long forgot about her silly perceived danger based on too many horror flicks.

Now she felt safe and comforted. “Yes?”

“We’re here.” Blake grabbed her hand as he struggled to read her face. There was confusion within her eyes. “Hey, are you okay?”

“Yeah, I’m fine.” She shook her curly locks. “Where are we?”

“I believe we’re at the place I’m supposed to deliver this car,” Blake’s eyes scanned the location. He was told by Soul’s assistant to deliver the car to a warehouse and that was it. He would’ve freaked out if it wasn’t for the chilly reception he received from Savannah. “But I wanted to talk to you about what happened back there.”

“Nothing happened,” Savannah shook her head.

“Oh, I believe you’re on that bullshit so we will talk about it.” Blake took off his seat belt and turned towards her. “What happened?”

“Nothing happened, Blake.” Savannah gritted her teeth. “That’s all.”

“I can ask a woman why she’s mad at me and I get the ‘nothing happened’ or ‘everything’s fine’ and next thing I know, I’m starring on a very special episode of Snapped.” He sighed. “Why do I even bother?”

“Blake, why did you bring me here?” Savannah asked. “What was your intention?”

“My intention?” He repeated. “To have fun.”

“You didn’t bring me here because you’re on the rebound, you saw my sex toy collection, and you wanted to have a taste?” She narrowed her eyes.

“For Christ’s sake,” Blake rolled his eyes, “that’s what this is about? Savannah, if I wanted to bang you, I wouldn’t have taken you on a trip with me. I would’ve just stayed home and tried to do it.”

Savannah felt her cheeks tinged with pink. He had a point, despite how crude it came out. “I guess so.”

Blake realized his faux pas and cursed at himself. “You know what I mean. I brought you with me because I think you’re beautiful and cool.” He paused for a beat. “Even though I’m not sure if you’re into to anyone.”

Savannah was still on the high of Blake’s compliment until the backhanded comment. “I beg your pardon?”

“I’ve never see you with a boyfriend or a girlfriend, for that matter. You stay sequestered.” He replied. “I don’t care about your toys but toys only do so much.”

“So, you think me being a big girl means I can’t get dick?” She shot to the point.

“What?” Now it was Blake’s turn to feel embarrassed. “I never said that!”

“Just because I’m a big girl, it doesn’t mean I can’t take dick.” Savannah folded her arms. “Listen, Blake, I understand you’re used to thin women. I totally get that. But underneath this pouch of belly is some good pussy.”

A slow smile curved Blake’s lips. “Was that an invitation?”


Boo’d Up is available now! To purchase and read an extended snippet, click here.

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