#FlashFriday: State of Affairs 3


The fight has only begun.

As Briana gears up for a battle to Capitol Hill, her only concern is her father and how his shooting will impact Sisters United. While her opponents seize on the opportunity, Briana wonders if she’s just another pawn in someone’s deadly game of control.

Mariana Harlow has been presented one of the best and crucial accounts of her young career – handling the PR of controversial athlete, Caleb Kelly. When she and Caleb become too close, it causes problems between her and her boyfriend/boss, Scott Reed.

Senator Jay Edwards is the most powerful man in the world and everyone knows it except for the current POTUS. When the president gives Jay a thinly-veiled threat, Jay responds in a way no one saw coming.

Money. Power. Respect. All in a day’s work.

The third book in the politically explosive State of Affairs series drops this spring.

Unedited Snippet:

“Briana, your father killed an illegal immigrant – a person who wasn’t supposed to be here to start with.” Jay began. “We need to get on this story before the social justice special snowflake warriors have a field day with this.”

“How, Sway?” Briana cocked her head. “I’ve done my research. The man had a family he was supporting and he only had a knife on him that he used to cut open fruit. No one is going to believe my father was in any danger.”

“Ah, and that’s where you have a lot to learn, Briana,” Jay smiled. “With politics, you either highlight the positive or the negative, never both. Do you think people care that Trayvon Martin was allegedly an honor roll student? Do you think people care Michael Brown was accepted to college?”

“What do you expect me to do?” Briana folded her arms. “You just said I needed the Latino vote to win. No one is going to vote for me once this spreads.”

“You’ll get the Latino vote,” Jay motioned for Dominic to open a briefcase and he slid a thick file over to Briana, “especially if we highlight Mr. Immigrant was known to have anti-black views, something that’s rather common for Latinos in Los Angeles. Then, we’ll pit the Latinos against each other because they don’t want anyone to think they were the aggressors when they’re used to being the victims. It’ll cause a sharp divide in the Latino community and it’ll force black-Latino relations. People will vote for you because they don’t want to look as being racist, even if they are.” Jay lit up a cigar and leaned into his leather chair. “Why should we build a wall when we can gun them down in the tunnel?”


The Notorious J.A.Y. has spoken.

Release date TBA soon.