#FlashFriday: Unravel Me


Sometimes people need to go back when it all started…

Mariana Harlow knows she needs to work on rebuilding the trust within her boyfriend, after a steamy photo shoot with his nemesis. She knows just the thing that would help him trust her, but she wonders if a fantasy she has might cause irreversible damage to them both.

Scott Reed is considered to be one of the best Doms in the world, often referred to as the Gentleman Dom. Upon reconciling with his girlfriend, they put a stop on all BDSM play until they could sort out their relationship. When Mariana brings up a peculiar fantasy of hers, Scott wonders if her previous hard limit is the sign of something else brewing between them.

Every relationship has its limits. What is theirs?

Unravel Me is a short erotic novella that deals with trust, BDSM, and if love can truly conquer all.


Unedited Snippet:

“Everything was fine between us until Mr. Kneeling came into the picture.” Scott tightened his lips. “After that, it’s been a struggle.”

“Mr. Kneeling?” Dr. Burton asked. “Caleb Kelly?”

“He’s the one that started that ridiculous bullshit so yes, him.” Scott’s voice was clipped.

“I thought you and Caleb had an understanding why he’s kneeling?” Dr. Burton scrolled through her notes.

“Just because I understand something, it doesn’t mean I agree with it.” He defended. “There are many other ways to protest police brutality without disrespecting the flag.”

“You admitted yourself, Scott, America had a lot of work to do when it came to acknowledging and recognizing the struggles of all. We still have a lot of work to do and many marginalized communities are still in peril. Wouldn’t protesting the flag, a symbol that everyone is free and treated equal, a symbol of that?”

“So, what’s the point of having elections to put people in office to represent our voices and interests? What’s the point of all of these groups working overtime so those marginalized can have a fighting chance?” Scott felt his anger quiver and he gripped the rock tighter. “What is the point of doing all of that if all I can do is just kneel in front of a flag?”

“Your anger isn’t about Caleb kneeling in front of the flag,” Dr. Burton met Scott’s tone, “your anger is about the ad Caleb did with Mariana. It bothers you she finds Caleb attractive.”

“Mariana finds a lot of men attractive. She constantly talks about how hot this actor and this singer are.” He glanced down at the rock he held. It read patience. “I don’t care. I never said I’m the only one she should be attracted to.”

“But it’s Caleb, specifically that bothers you?” Dr. Burton pressed. “If it was another actor or singer, you wouldn’t care because it wouldn’t be someone you interact a lot with.”

“I interact a lot with Dean Winchester and I don’t care that Mariana finds him attractive.” He defended. “She was jumping over joy in seeing Dean and his wife, Sydney, have sex in front of us.”

“But Dean Winchester is a white man who supports Caleb’s protest, though he hasn’t done it himself.” Dr. Burton replied. “Scott, be real with me…is the real reason you don’t like Caleb Kelly is because you wish you were him?”

Scott gave a contrite smile. “Couldn’t one say the same thing to him? I’m the antithesis and everything what’s wrong with this country according to him and those who think like him. Everyone wants to be a social justice warrior behind the computer screen, create memes, quote real leaders who did the work, but no one wants to do the same. I say it goes both ways. If anyone thinks I wish I were him, it can easily be said he wishes he could be me.” His eyes gleamed. “Hasn’t it been said that straight black men are the white people of black people?”


Unravel Me will be out sometime this month.

Caleb Kelly appears in the State of Affairs series.

For the article that inspired that scene, click here.

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