So, this was supposed to be released last week but I’m in the process of moving so all things writing had to be delayed until I had internet connection. As always, my stories (even if they are novellas) are usually longer than I intend them to be so it’ll be another week before this is out. But hey, good news for you! You get more money for your 99 cents.


She freed her mind. He soon followed.

Aaliyah Smith never fully recovered from the devastating heartbreak her ex gave her years ago, going as far as moving out of the state and into a completely different time zone. Aaliyah knows as much as anyone, no matter how much white sage she burns, when the universe speaks to her, she needs to listen.

Ocean Ellison made the biggest mistake of his life when he left his ex without so much as saying a goodbye. Now he’s back to reclaim her and have her by his side as he solidifies his family’s legacy in the nation’s capitol.

He wants to unbreak her heart. She’s not sure if he deserves the privilege.

Her Ocean is a prequel erotic novella to Watercolors.

Unedited Snippet: 

“It seems Brittany and Paul got off to a good start,” Ocean began as he drove Aaliyah home.

Aaliyah chuckled and shook her head. Brittany fell in love hard and fast, already mapping out how her last name would sound at the end of the second date. She was stuck to Paul’s side all night and Aaliyah honestly wondered if it was the drinks that made Brittany stay with him or the fact that she genuinely liked Paul. “She’s a character, but she has a good heart.”

“Well, she’s friends with you so I imagine she would be.” He glanced over at her.

Aaliyah’s body sighed with want and anticipation. Ocean’s deep voice was heavy, a soft rasp, and completely sensual. Had she ever lusted for a man she’d barely knew? Where were her morals? “Sometimes I’m not the best judge of character.”

“We all slip and fall, it’s just a matter of how many times we get back up.” The GPS indicated they’d arrived at Aaliyah’s apartment complex. Ocean found a place to park and got out of the car. He walked over to Aaliyah’s passenger door and opened for her. “After you, milady.” He held out a hand.

Aaliyah stared at Ocean’s hand for a few beats before she met eyes with him again. Heat slid between her thighs and spread throughout her body as she grabbed his hand. They walked together with his hand holding the small of her back as they passed through the courtyard and up the stairs to the second floor.

She lived in an old, weathered building that had seen better days. There numerous cracks in the bathroom walls and mold she couldn’t reach, despite how tall she was. Her floor had cracks within it, and the heater only worked when it felt like it. She constantly had to battle her neighbors for laundry privileges and paid the price when one neighbor felt she needed to clean the machines with bleach, effectively ruining most of Aaliyah’s towels.

Aaliyah took everything in stride. The rent-controlled apartment covered the important parts – shelter, electricity, and running water. Everything else was a luxury she probably didn’t need.

She felt embarrassed that Ocean’d seen where she lived, but he was insistent on driving her home. Maybe a part of him didn’t care as evidenced by his used Honda Accord.

“So this is me,” Aaliyah stopped at her apartment. A part of her wanted to invite Ocean in and a part of her wanted him to at least respect the fact she wasn’t about to bust it wide open. The fight between her loins and her brain was always a tough one. “Thank you for a wonderful evening. I really enjoyed it.”

“You’re welcome.” Ocean moved in closer. “I would like to have dinner with you sometime next week. You choose the place and I’ll pick you up.”

Aaliyah felt the warmth and energy radiating from Ocean, causing her to blow out a shaky breath. He silently demanded all of her attention and time, and she was upset she didn’t argue how insane it sounded in her brain. “Sounds good.”

Ocean cupped Aaliyah’s face and caressed her cheek with a finger. She was so damn beautiful, it pained him. She was going to be his, it was just a matter of when. “Not tonight. I want us both to be completely sober for it.”

Aaliyah wanted to argue but she couldn’t. Ocean was right, despite how much it pained her. “I agree.”

“But I can’t leave without this,” he swept his lips over hers.

Aaliyah softly moaned as his tongue explored the corners of her mouth. His kiss stole her thoughts, confused her feelings, and messed with her religion. It was power, it was a declaration he had over her that words could not form.

“Next week,” he pulled away and Aaliyah’s body moaned at the loss, “we’ll do it all.”

Aaliyah barely opened her eyes and glanced at Ocean. Her resolve was broken, her heart was spinning, and her brain didn’t know what was going on. Her body did know she wanted to feel every part of Ocean inside of her. “All?”

Ocean swept his lips across hers again, gently sucking on the bottom one. “Everything.”