#TeaserTuesday: Her Ocean (Ellison Brothers #3)



She freed her mind. He soon followed.

Aaliyah Smith never fully recovered from the devastating heartbreak her ex gave her years ago, going as far as moving out of the state and into a completely different time zone. Aaliyah knows as much as anyone, no matter how much white sage she burns, when the universe speaks to her, she needs to listen.

Ocean Ellison made the biggest mistake of his life when he left his ex without so much as saying a goodbye. Now he’s back to reclaim her and have her by his side as he solidifies his family’s legacy in the nation’s capitol.

He wants to unbreak her heart. She’s not sure if he deserves the privilege.

Her Ocean is a prequel erotic novella to Watercolors.


Unedited Snippet: 

Ocean entered Watercolors with System of a Down’s “Chop Suey!” immediately blasting in his ears. His lips curved into a sensual smile as he remembered how Aaliyah always liked heavy metal. Her playlist always consisted of Guns N’ Roses, AC/DC, Def Leppard, and Iron Maiden.

Ocean was more R&B and soul music and his playlist reflected his tastes, showcasing Labelle, Al B. Sure!, Jagged Edge, and Sade. Somehow during the course of their relationship, he became a fan of Guns N’ Roses, while Aaliyah enjoyed Faith Evans.

He softly chuckled thinking their music tastes should’ve been a clue they weren’t equally yoked but Ocean never listened to reason when it came to matters of the heart. Either it worked, or it didn’t.

Seeing the fire behind his ex’s eyes, he’d wished to hell he tried harder to make it work.

He pointed to the stereo system and motioned his hand downward, effectively telling Aaliyah to lower it. She huffed out her chest and stared at him for a brief moment before abiding his request, turning it off. “Is that better?” Her voice was rife with irritation.

“Much.” Ocean grinned. “I hope you could get me in for a touch-up.”

Aaliyah crossed her arms. They both knew Ocean didn’t just fly across the country for a tattoo touch-up when he had his choice of any tattoo artist in his native California to go to. “I’m curious as to why you’re here wasting my time,” she retorted.

“You’re the best in the country and it’s something we both know. Besides you did the first one and it’s only fair that you’re the one that touches it up.” Ocean pulled out a wad of cash and fanned it out. “I’m sure this will cover your time being wasted.”

Aaliyah didn’t have to count the number of Benjamin Franklins in front of her. She already knew the touch-up was not that much and Ocean was proving a point to her. If she wanted to channel her inner Maxine Waters and reclaim her time, Ocean would gladly help her with a scholarship.

She didn’t know if she wanted to fight him or fuck him. “I’ll be right back, Senator.” She turned to get her tools ready.

Ocean’s blue eyes glittered. “Thank you.”

Aaliyah disappeared into the back room and cursed the universe for taunting her. She drank alkaline water. She meditated. She did yoga. She didn’t eat red meat and just barely gave up her beloved blended iced coffees.

She smudged her home at least twice a week and always before she cooked. She occasionally divulged into gossip, but she kept to herself and didn’t participate in drama. Her skin was clear, her health was damn near perfect, and her business was booming.

And yet, the universe decided to fuck with her head just a little by sending him back to her. Fuck my life.

He’s the reason why she stayed away from bars. He’s the reason why she didn’t want to date any professional men ever again. He’s the reason why she was turned off with politics and everything that it entailed, despite what was going on in the country.

She hated the fact she still had feelings for his fine ass. If he were just a fling that she happened to see, it wouldn’t be a big deal. But Ocean…just saying his name made a yearning appear between her thighs she had long forgot about.

Aaliyah blew out a deep breath and said a small prayer. “Lord help me, please.” Straight and to the point, she hoped He received the message.

She returned to the main room and didn’t bother to make contact with her ex. She felt his eyes boring into her body. His eyes always spoke for him when he couldn’t find the proper words. It was something all of the Ellison men had in common – their presence spoke before they said a word.

Aaliyah was tempted to ask how did Ocean get security detail for a first-term senator but she already knew the answer – he was an Ellison; he would get whatever he wanted no matter the cost.

“You know the routine, Senator.” She instructed.

Ocean removed his jacket and handed to a security man who appeared next to him. He removed his shirt and walked up to Aaliyah. “Is this better, Ms. Tattooer?”

Aaliyah felt the heat radiate off Ocean and felt her breath caught in her throat. He was the only man who could turn her into a bumbling fool with his mere presence. The warmth of his body, the masculinity of his touch, and the musky, almost sweet smell off his skin made her thighs quiver with anticipation.

She turned around and lightly gasped at the beauty of him. His dark brown hair was perfectly coiffed. His sparkling blue eyes stood out in the dark sky. He was muscular, toned, with some hair on his chest, leading down to his navel.

He’d always kept in ridiculous shape and being a doctor, he wanted to be the example to his patients. He would get on Aaliyah about eating McDonald’s, but whenever she made fried chicken, he always helped himself.

As Aaliyah swallowed the lump in her throat and eyeballed the ubiquitous Aaliyah tattoo that was across her ex’s chest, she remembered the details of how said tattoo came to be. He told her he was going to get it and she tried to convince him not to. He wasn’t deterred and she said if he absolutely had to get it, she wanted to be the one to put it on him.

And she did. She straddled him in that very shop, in the same chair they were both standing next to, and she branded her ex with her name. Afterwards, they fucked hard in that same chair as “Take Me to Church” played overhead.

Ocean did take her to church, making Aaliyah screamed to the heavens as he stretched her out, grabbing her ass, and forcing her back down on his cock. Her pussy suckled along his thick length with each thrust, making them both shiver. Her pussy gripped his cock like a vise, and wouldn’t let go.

Ocean encouraged Aaliyah to ride him as if her life depended on it and she came hard and fast. “Take all of me,” his deep voice moaned, “take it.”

“Ocean…” Aaliyah cried.

When they went home, Ocean again fucked her into sleep. When Aaliyah woke up, Ocean had cleaned her apartment and made dinner – honey-mustard salmon with purple asparagus and orange cauliflower with red wine. She was never a fan of asparagus before that night but she became one.

Aaliyah needed to make a mental note to throw out all of the asparagus in her fridge when she went home. “Have a seat, Senator.”


Her Ocean will be out next Tuesday, March 13th.

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