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Wedding Weekend


She went from negative to positive…

When legal wunderkind Savior Ellison meets college intern Keisha Jones, sparks fly. He gave her an offer she did refuse, and it only made him want her more. If Keisha wants Savior to chase her, he hopes she has a good pair of running shoes.

Keisha Jones doesn’t believe in fairytales and especially the type that has a white knight in a shiny Bentley. Every girl has a past, and Keisha’s is often played out on reality TV. If Savior wants her, he has 90 days to prove it.

Can Savior convince Keisha to give him forever? Or will Keisha’s past revelations put a stop to the relationship before it starts?

Sex, drugs, and politics. All in a day’s work.

Simply Complicated is a standalone erotic full-length novel. It deals with trust, gentrification, and true love.


The formal mask is slightly on, yet there’s still a bit of the sensual Savior that is out. It’s a transformation I’m still getting used to – how quickly he can change his mood given the circumstances like an actor on cue.

Savior pivots his feet and stares at me. He swallows and blows out a small breath. His eyes drink me in from my painted pink toes to my equally painted lips. He touches his chest as his eyes burn into me. There’s a sexiness undercurrent with Savior, and he doesn’t bother to hide it.

“I never wonder why I call you gorgeous,” he walks up to me and looks into my eyes. His hands cup my face and I feel the familiar yearning between my thighs. “Because you embody it every second.”

I let out the breath I didn’t know I was holding and grasp his wrists. Savior is just so gorgeous and I feel like Cinderella at the ball. “Savior…”

“Shh…” He kisses my head. “…you’ll be the best looking woman tonight, I’m sure of it. Shall we?”

I interlock arms with him and we make our way to the awaiting Rolls Royce. I slip inside and Savior follows behind me. Once we’re inside, the sensuality flows between us like a soft current as I felt the energy of the man beside me.

I breathe in his cologne and the feelings of arousal wash over me. My body is always on whenever I’m around Savior. I become so aware of what’s going on between us in the now, with thoughts of the future floating in the background.

“Gorgeous…” His voice is husky and full of want. He curls my fingers around his and pulls me closer to him. He kisses my neck, devouring it with his lips and tongue as his hands wander all over my dress.

Soft moans escape my mouth as my thighs part to allow entrance of his fingers. He brushes a finger against my wet slit and plays with the budding clit that poked out between the cleft.

“Your cunt is so greedy for me,” he moans as he continues to suck on my neck, “what should I do about that greedy pussy of yours?”

I gasp and pant. I become slick with desire and my body starts to ride Savior’s fingers. Is he really doing this on our way to the gala? What if the driver hears us? What if other people see us?

“I won’t put my cock in you because I want you to beg for it later,” he nibbles on my ear, “so my fingers are going have to suffice.”

“Oh shit,” I sob as his thumb circled my clit. He pulled back from me and I studied his face. His lips were slightly pursed, his eyes had that sultry look to them, yet he was collected and calm. He was more focused on getting me off than anything else.

My breath contracts in my chest. The coils of orgasm began to unravel and my legs shook from pleasure. My nails dug into the plush leather seats as our gazes locked on each other.

He had heated eyes and his lips…my god, his lips were curved into that sinful, delicious smile. He knew he had me where he wanted me, anytime at his bidding, and I would gratefully oblige any requests.

“I want to feel you come all over my fingers,” Savior circled my clit faster, “can you do that, baby? Can you come for me when I tell you to?”

I cried and moaned, losing all of my dignity. I was afraid of disappointing him; climaxing when he told me not yet. I was so aroused when he ordered me to wait for him. It was a clusterfuck of emotions and I didn’t know what to do first.

“Now.” Savior ordered. “Come now.”

The orgasm hit my body like an ocean wave, violently shaking me. I collapsed against the seat and cried out Savior’s name, feeling weak and helpless. He withdrew his fingers and wrapped his arms around me, kissing my head as the orgasm coursed through my body.

My body finally stopped shuddering and I lay satiated in the backseat with Savior. He wiped his fingers with a moistened cloth and discarded it before he softly rocked me to a small sleep. Only the sounds of Shalamar and Savior’s heartbeat filled the small space.

I felt complete. I felt at home.


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