SundaySnippet: State of Affairs III


The fight has only begun.

As Briana gears up for a battle to Capitol Hill, her only concern is her father and how his shooting will impact Sisters United. While her opponents seize on the opportunity, Briana wonders if she’s just another pawn in someone’s deadly game of control.

Mariana Harlow has been presented one of the best and crucial accounts of her young career – handling the PR of controversial athlete, Caleb Kelly. When she and Caleb become too close, it causes problems between her and her boyfriend/boss, Scott Reed.

Senator Jay Edwards is the most powerful man in the world and everyone knows it except for the current POTUS. When the president gives Jay a thinly-veiled threat, Jay responds in a way no one saw coming.

Money. Power. Respect. All in a day’s work.

“Gotta love liberals. You see, the one thing I respect about my fellow conservatives is that when they say they hate you, they mean it. They don’t joke around when it comes to it. But liberals? They’ll court your vote, they’ll get on stage to be with you, but once they’re elected, they don’t care. You were good for their vote and that’s it.
“It’s not a surprise that most liberals care more about DACA than they do about Black Lives Matter. But then they need to ask themselves, if they have more energy in supporting those who are not legal citizens but do not care about those who are, why are they shocked about who is currently in the White House?” Senator Edwards flashed a bright smile and stared into the camera. “So, I’ll say this to the black community – do you want support a party who cares more about illegal immigrants than your rights? Do you want to support a party who wants you to learn a second language even though you’re an American-born citizen? Do you want to support a party who only wants another white man representing your voice? The choice is up to you.
“Your fellow Democrats are trying to twist our arms into allowing illegals to have rights you don’t have. You were born into this country as a citizen and you’re treated as if you’re second-class. We’ve tried to work and reason with them and they refuse to do so. Paraphrasing the late and great Tupac Shakur, we’ll shut this bitch down if you get us pissed. Have a wonderful day, and God bless America!”

Senator Jay Edwards is not playing.
The third book in the politically explosive State of Affairs series drops this spring.