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The pair peeled off their clothing before Eli softly pushed Faith back on the sofa. He hovered over her and stared into her eyes. She was breathtaking, her brown eyes softening to a melted chocolate color. Her nipples were hard and delectable, silently begging Eli to suck on them.

“Is everything okay?” Faith asked. “Your eyes look glossy.”

“Everything’s perfect,” Eli murmured, “everything is absolutely perfect.”

Faith trembled as Eli’s eyes burned into her soul. He didn’t say a lot of words but always expressed his love in other ways. Now with Christmas approaching, they were on their way to finally reconciling once and for all.

Eli swept his mouth over hers, licking her tongue as Faith pulled him down closer. He devoured her mouth, savoring her taste. Her nails raked up and down his muscular back as his hot mouth found her neck again.

Eli slid down her body, spreading her thighs apart. He briefly looked up and saw how the passion began to take over his ex and felt his shaft becoming harder. He loved Faith being the good Christian woman who may have lost a step in her walk with the Lord, but was making the comeback of a lifetime.

He also loved her being his fuck toy; whatever he wanted to do, she was down for. The only woman who made him take a look at how he was living and wanted to correct it to save his family and sanity.

Eli concluded he loved Erica, but Faith was the only one who could set him free.

He wrapped his lips around her clit and lightly sucked on her. A stifled moan escaped Faith’s lips as she grabbed the sofa cushions. She arched her back off the sofa and held her breasts when Eli began tonguing her.

“Eli…” She breathed. She was careful not to be too loud to wake the children but she didn’t know how much longer she could contain it.

He held up one leg and licked inside of her cunt, feeling how much slicker and hotter she became. He never used fingers inside her while he orally pleased his wife. Eli’s ego wouldn’t allow that. He wanted all of the pleasure to come from his mouth and tongue alone.

He felt her body began to tremble, her pussy quivering with delight and her moans became that soft falsetto he liked to hear when she was about to come. When she did, her body twisted as the climax washed over her.

“That’s my girl,” Eli wiped his beard on Faith’s inner thigh. He rose to his knees and lifted Faith’s legs. He slid his hardened cock inside her and paused for a moment. The snug fit of his wife hugged his cock so deliciously, he had to relish it.

“Eli…” Faith moaned.

“Faye,” he laid on top of her and pressed his forehead against hers. Her pussy was greedy, suckling along the length of his cock and he wanted to feel it forever. He pushed in more and Faith dug her nails into his back. “Is this my pussy?”

“Yes,” she sobbed, “yes, baby.”


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