#TeaserTuesday: Simply Complicated

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Savior Ellison is going to learn the hard way – Keisha Jones cannot be bought.

What may have worked with other women in the past simply won’t do with the young woman who has captured his attention. If Keisha wants him to chase her, Savior hopes she has a good pair of running shoes.

Keisha Jones doesn’t know the type of games Savior is playing nor does she want to participate. She’s heard of his reputation and she wants no parts of the man she fantasizes about on a nightly basis. Savior Ellison doesn’t take no for an answer and Keisha is wondering what is his real motivation.

Sex, drugs, lies, and politics. All in a day’s work.

His Everything is a standalone erotic full-length novel. It deals with trust, public perception, and true love.


Unedited Snippet:

He glides in and out of me so smoothly, like if he’d studied my body. I felt every wonderful inch of his glorious, thick cock as my pussy suckled the length of it. Savior felt higher than any drug, and I didn’t want to come down.

His thrusts were diabolical, maddening, and so deep. My body responded like never before, embracing his thickness. My pussy quivered around his cock, wanting more. Savior holds onto my hips when he increased the pace, and his words…his words promised me everything.

“You’re so beautiful, Keisha,” he groans as a free hand reaches up and squeezes my breasts. “You’re mine. I won’t let you go.”

I tightened around him, pulling him in deeper. The pressure was beginning became too much and I moaned and cried. My hands gripped his arms as my head slammed back into the pillow. I felt so full, yet I couldn’t get enough. I wanted more of this.

I wanted more of Savior.

He reaches up and grabs my hands, interlocking our fingers together. He claims my mouth once again, plundering his tongue inside mine. He’s claiming me. He’s branding me. I’m his and he drives the point home.

The orgasm slammed into me like a Mack truck. My body rolled as delicious pinpoints of pleasure seized my body, creating aftershocks as Savior was still inside me. I cried and keened, vibrating against his mouth.

He thrusts a few more times before he finally pulls out of me, disposing the condom and coming all over my body. “Fuck!” He growls and trembles, shooting his hot seed all over me.

Carnal desires take over me and my mouth is hungry for his taste. I swipe some come from my chest and swallow it as I stare back at him. I’m daring him to fuck me again, to give me all of him, and silently asking him if this is still just sex.

Savior collapses on top of me. His cock is still hard and he’s still coming. He presses his forehead against mine and sweetly kisses me. “Keisha…” he moans, cupping my face and kissing me again. “…Keisha.”

There are no fancy lunches. No Armani suits. No expensive cars. No false pretenses. We’re stripped. Bare. Raw. Beyond naked. We’re both in a daze and don’t want to come down.

It’s a side of Savior no one has seen before. He’s a man who separates sex from love and has done a great job of doing so. What happened between us just now was beyond that. Savior was vulnerable and he let his guard down.

“Where are your towels?” He asks.

“In the hallway.” I whisper.

He gets up and opens the door, briefly checking to see if Junie and Tasha are home. He walks out of the bedroom, and grabs a towel, stopping by the bathroom to moisten it. He returns to the bedroom and begins to clean my love, being gentle with it.

He wipes himself off and tosses the towel aside before he climbs back into bed with me. I roll over and cuddle with him as Savior kisses my forehead.

I don’t want to spoil this moment but I have to know what’s going on. I’m already attached to this man and if it’s just a physical thing, we need to end it before the 90 days. “Is it still just sex?” I ask.

Savior turns to me and cups my face. “Was it ever?”


Simply Complicated will drop on February 13th.

To read the prequel, His Savior, click here.

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