#SexySunday Snippet: Simply Complicated #romance #standalone

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Savior Ellison is going to learn the hard way – Keisha Jones cannot be bought.

What may have worked with other women in the past simply won’t do with the young woman who has captured his attention. If Keisha wants him to chase her, Savior hopes she has a good pair of running shoes.

Keisha Jones doesn’t know the type of games Savior is playing nor does she want to participate. She’s heard of his reputation and she wants no parts of the man she fantasizes about on a nightly basis. Savior Ellison doesn’t take no for an answer and Keisha is wondering what is his real motivation.

Sex, drugs, lies, and politics. All in a day’s work.

Simply Complicated is a standalone erotic full-length novel. It deals with trust, public perception, and true love.


Unedited Snippet:

My internship was full steam ahead for the rest of the day. I sat in on a couple of meetings, did a lot of filing, and read up on some cases that were too strange for Law & Order.

All I thought about were Savior’s words. I’m going to fuck you so hard, you’ll think about me each time you walk tomorrow. His eyes burned with desire. He taunted me, promised me, and will provide everything and then some.

My mind travels back to this past weekend when he surprised me. The way his fingers played with my sex, circling my clit until I fisted the sheets. My body moved along with his fingers as he promised me whatever I wanted.

He’d already showed me what that tongue can do, coaxing my body to an orgasm I will never forget.

And he took my three dollar Wal-Mart panties with them. The emoji ones. What in the hell did I just get myself into?

My day wraps up and I’m so ready to leave. As five o’clock rolls around, I turn off my computer and put everything away. I gather my purse when my office phone rings.

Savior is calling me.

I hesitate answering the phone because I’m not sure if I want to talk to him. I’m not upset or angry; I just already know the affect he has on me. Our relationship is purely sexual and that’s it. I refuse to get caught up with someone who will use me as a fuck toy and vice-versa.

What Savior Ellison doesn’t know that he’s messing with Prince Jones’s baby girl, an independent woman who will get in formation with her six-inch heels. (Okay, so I need to stop listening to so much Beyoncé.)

Savior Ellison is gon’ learn today that I’m not the motherfucking one, two, or three. And with that, I answered the phone. “Keisha Jones speaking.”

“You have the perfect voice for a phone sex operator.” Savior purrs. “Your voice…throaty, breathless, wispy…I think I can come on your voice alone.”

Fuck. There goes my black fist in the air along with my Wonder Woman uniform. It dissipated at the same time my thighs magically opened. Weird. “How can I help you, Savior?”

“I forgot to tell you to clear your schedule out this weekend. There’s a Christmas gala I want to take you to. We’ll go shopping for your gown and accessories on Friday.”

A gala is one of those high-society, high-flauting type of things that guarantees I’ll be on the society pages. I’m not sure how I’m feeling about this. “Okay.”

“You’ll be my date and I’ll pick you up around seven.” He notes. “As for tonight, we’re still on. I’ll be at your house later around 10.”

Booty call hours. I say that’s pretty convenient for our arrangement. “Okay.”

“Have a great rest of the day. See you later, gorgeous.” He hangs up.

I slowly return the phone to the retriever. Savior is a calculating executive and he didn’t just get to where he is because he’s the boss’s kid. He knows how to play the game and what to say to ensure victory.

As I walk down to the garage and get inside the BMW, I think about what’d just transpired. I know our arrangement is purely sexual but I couldn’t help but to blush at the compliment Savior gave me.

No man has ever called me gorgeous before.


Simply Complicated drops on February 13th.