Flashback Friday: Happy Founder’s Day

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“Let’s talk about leadership,” Scott wrote on the whiteboard behind him. He gave a workshop to packed crowd inside one of the conference rooms at the hotel. With Scott’s track record of being the head of the world’s premier PR and advertising agencies, it seemed everyone wanted to listen whatever he had to say.

Dressed in his standard Kappa attire of a bowtie, red blazer, and khakis, Scott looked immaculate in front of his fellow Brothers. “Leadership is not how you act. It is not what you say. It is, however, what you do. Or in some cases, what you attempt to do. In a few cases, what you do not do. People pay closer attention to your record of accomplishment than they do with how you act and other things.

“If you ever wonder how some people will still follow someone despite their reputation or questionable things they’ve said? It’s because of action. The person has a long history of standing behind how they feel and putting their words into action. Some talk the talk, some get out and do the work. You, as Kappas, are natural-born leaders.

“You were selected not because you followed the rules and did everything you were supposed to during pledge week. The Brotherhood as a collective chose you. It’s not a surprise most Kappas are executives, military leaders, and business owners. It’s not a surprise you hear about a Kappa who’s a singer, a professional athlete, or youth leader in his community. You represent one of the oldest and most respected fraternities in the world. There are Kappas, and then there are the others.” Scott said to a rousing applause, with some Brothers throwing up the yo in agreement.

“We all have something special within us. Some, it comes naturally like breathing. Others, it takes a bit of coaxing for it to come out. Either way, you cannot deny the God-given leadership within you. Every single Nupe I see in this room is a leader in some form. Be it your community, your household, or your place of work. Do not let anyone tell you otherwise. Being a Kappa is more than just the shimmy, bowties, and khakis. Our haters would love to say that’s all we do but even our haters have to give us props. After all, we’re their bosses.” Another round of applause and more yo’s were thrown up.


Scott Reed wishes you a Happy Founder’s Day.


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