#TeaserTuesday Untitled State of Affairs 3


The fight has only begun.

As Briana gears up for a battle to Capitol Hill, her only concern is her father and how his shooting will impact Sisters United. While her opponents seize on the opportunity, Briana wonders if she’s just another pawn in someone’s deadly game of control.

Mariana Harlow has been presented one of the best and crucial accounts of her young career – handling the PR of controversial athlete, Caleb Kelly. When she and Caleb become too close, it causes problems between her and her boyfriend/boss, Scott Reed.

Senator Jay Edwards is the most powerful man in the world and everyone knows it except for the current POTUS. When the president gives Jay a thinly-veiled threat, Jay responds in a way no one saw coming.

Money. Power. Respect. All in a day’s work.



Unedited Snippet:

“You love to claim how liberal and open-minded you are, but you’re not. You liberals and conservatives are on the same side of the deceptive coin. You do not want to help anyone but your pockets.” Caleb stepped up to Scott, “Just admit it, Scott, seeing a free black man bothers you.”

Scott felt his shoulders tense up and he silently counted to five before he responded. It was better he count to five than his fist connect with Caleb’s face, though the urge was becoming more difficult by the day. “Bitch, I can buy your entire existence and you would still owe me.”


When White privilege comes face-to-face with a free Black man…

The third book in the politically explosive State of Affairs series drops this spring.


6 thoughts on “#TeaserTuesday Untitled State of Affairs 3

    • veraroberts says:

      It’s really interesting because I think Scott supports Caleb’s freedom of speech, but he thinks Caleb should’ve gone his protest another way.

      It’s really interesting because Jay Edwards said the same thing but a few were upset at Scott’s reaction. Then again, Scott also has another reason to really not like Caleb (Mariana).

    • veraroberts says:

      I think Scott and Caleb are intimidated by each other for different reasons. It’ll be very interesting to see how Scott reacts to Mariana handling Caleb’s PR.

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