#TeaserTuesday: War is now LIVE!

War medium

She was his biggest mistake. He’s about to be her biggest regret.

Eliodoro “Eli” D’Amato has a busy enough life. His reality show is rate number one in the country, and he has endorsements coming from everywhere to guarantee his children wouldn’t have anything to worry about. But when a mistake from his past comes back, he wonders if this is a storm he can weather.

Faith D’Amato is going to stand by her husband no matter what drama from his supposed baby mama brings. When the paternity of her middle child is brought into question, Faith realizes that she has more questions than answers.

Simone Harris is not going down with a fight. If Eli and Faith want to play dirty, she’s willing to roll around in the mud. She wonders if her fight is a lost cause when it’s not Eli and Faith she’s fighting, but the entire D’Amato clan.

All is fair in love and war, right?

War is the first of three novellas that deals with the aftermath of infidelity, revenge, and if true love can be saved.



Eli fumbled with removing Faith’s jeans and pushed them down to the floor. She clumsily stepped out of them while he stripped naked. “Are the babies asleep?” He asked.

“I just…put…them…down…an…hour…ago.” She breathed.

“Good,” Eli turned Faith around and she gasped against the wall. “They don’t need to witness this.”

“Witness what, baby?” She barely asked before she felt her cheeks spread and Eli’s wet tongue between them. “Oooh shit!”

“Shhhh….” He instructed. He spread her legs apart and kneeled down, dipping his head underneath her cunt and tasted her love. He held onto her thighs as he dragged his tongue up and down her wet slit. He sucked and nibbled in her love, letting it bounce and roll over his tongue as she squirmed and sighed above him.

It had been so long since Eli had given her head, Faith lost her mind. His tongue was perfect – wide and flat in some moments, long and pointy in others. He gave head as if her pussy had the cure and the only way he could get it was sucking it. “That’s my spot! That’s my fucking spot!” She squealed.

Eli held onto Faith’s cheeks more so he could bury his tongue deeper inside her. She was slick and hot, open and ready for him. He was obsessed, addicted to her, and was willing to fight whoever who threatened to come between them.

Faith erupted into a muffled cry as the orgasm washed over her body, shaking it against Eli’s tongue. Eli slapped both cheeks and stood up. “Good girl,” he turned her around and slid inside her, lifting her up against the wall.

“Eli…” She cried.

“Damn, baby girl,” he pressed his head against hers. Her pussy suckled and nipped along his length, greedy for more. Eli was dangerously close to the edge and Faith knew how to push him there. He lifted her against the wall and thrust hard inside of her. “Girl, you play too much. You know this is my pussy.”


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6 thoughts on “#TeaserTuesday: War is now LIVE!

  1. Ilovebooks2018 says:

    Hi I’ve been a fan since the Scott and Mari series and I love the D’Amato brothers. I have been a huge fan of Faith and Eli’s story and couldn’t wait to read War. You did warn us that it’s a hard read and you are absolutely right. As much as I want Faith and Eli to get back together it’s getting harder and harder to root for Faith. I feel her character is regressing with every new book. When I first read “Where I wanna be” I thought she was a character I could enjoy and root for because she seemed to have her head on straight (at least when she first met Eli in her teens). But ever since Eli cheated on her with Simone it’s been a roller coaster of emotions and every time she tries to hit back at Eli she just hurt’s herself more and more. She is certainly not innocent but has definitely made the books interesting and we get to see some insight into how much her deep seated insecurities have plagued the relationship even before they were married. I feel like the decisions she has made from her affair with Darren, her divorce and her relationship with other men during the two years they were apart and her engagement to Jeremy has been about getting Eli’s attention and trying to ascertain whether he truly loves her. But she’s just hurting herself time and time again. I’m not a big fan of Eli and Erica. Erica is a nice character but very one dimensional and her relationship with Eli is like milk toast in comparison to his relationship with Faith. However I see why Eli would be drawn to such a stable relationship with Erica. Erica is the perfect woman who is beautiful, intelligent, has her own business and really has it together. She is the perfect heroine. I just thinks she too perfect and boring. I’m still rooting for Faith but it’s a struggle and after reading Nothing Even Matters and the first part of War I know Faith still has a long road ahead.

    whether Eli and Faith end up together at the end of their story my hope is that towards the end of War there is some redemption for Faith. I hope she does become a strong and independent woman without Eli and I hope Eli realizes what he has with Faith despite the difficult times they had. As they say the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. Eli’s search to find the perfect woman always leads him back to Faith. If they do actually get back together then I hope the relationship is all the more stronger after all they have been thru.

    Keep up the great work. War is definitely a book I could not put down until I finished it. The characters still remain with me even though I finished the book a a few days ago. I may just have to go back and read from the beginning again. 🙂

    A fan.

    • veraroberts says:

      Thank you for your response! I’m glad you enjoyed it. So here’s mine, it’s lengthy….let’s go!

      Faith doesn’t know if she can handle Elena being Eli’s child. While it’s still a question (it’ll be answered in the next book due later this fall), it’s a question a lot of women have to ask – if my partner had an outside baby, would I be okay with it? A lot of women would say no.

      Faith has done the right thing her entire life. I think her only sin, really, was premarital sex and that was something she was feeling guilty of. Other than that, she was a good woman – went to church, went to work, cared for her family, and was a great citizen.

      And then Eli left her for Simone.

      That action spurned something inside of Faith, but maybe she didn’t know she had. And she started to question everything about her life. In a scene from the upcoming book, she says something like, ‘Take away the fact I’m David Sheppard’s daughter and I’m Eli D’Amato’s wife, who am I?’ And honestly, Faith doesn’t know.

      I know there were some grumblings that people didn’t like the character change Faith went through, but I had to look it from a logical standpoint – you have a woman who has done right her entire life, she was humiliated on an international level, her marriage is crumbling, and she appears to be halfway out the door, anyway. What would be the next course of action she would take? She might go 180 and Faith did, at least for a short while.

      Sometimes people have to go backwards before they can move forward.

      In terms of Eli, despite him pursing a relationship with Erica again, it’s clear the feelings he has for Faith never died. I think Eli was tired of her attitude, but he was never tired of her. If he wanted to marry Erica, he probably would’ve. He didn’t. He loved Erica something fierce, but not sure if he was ever in love with her.

      Eli and Faith always find their way back to each other; they’re high-school sweethearts. No matter how many breakups and what-not, Eli has always come back to Faith and Faith has always welcomed him back.

      I think they’ll make it work. They have three small children together and almost 20 years of history between them. They’ll be good.

      • Ilovebooks2018 says:

        Thanks so much for taking the time to reply to me. I really appreciate your insightful comments on the characters. I totally agree with you about Faith’s struggle to deal with everything that’s happening. And I see your point that in order to move forward you may have to take a few steps back. That’s why I feel she’s such an interesting character and totally relatable. I’ll continue to follow Faith and Eli’s journey back to each other. I’m certainly enjoying the ride. 👍
        Thanks again!

  2. tratasmaria says:

    Hi Vera,
    Just me again from down under. The release of War is out. When will it be available to Kobo Australia please. I know it takes a while to reach us down here. 😔😔😔

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