#TeaserTuesday: War – Book 1 #romance #contemporary


She was his biggest mistake. He’s about to be her biggest regret.

Eliodoro “Eli” D’Amato has a busy enough life. His reality show is rate number one in the country, and he has endorsements coming from everywhere to guarantee his children wouldn’t have anything to worry about. But when a mistake from his past comes back, he wonders if this is a storm he can weather.

Faith D’Amato is going to stand by her husband no matter what drama from his supposed baby mama brings. When the paternity of her middle child is brought into question, Faith realizes that she has more questions than answers.

Simone Harris is not going down with a fight. If Eli and Faith want to play dirty, she’s willing to roll around in the mud. She wonders if her fight is a lost cause when it’s not Eli and Faith she’s fighting, but the entire D’Amato clan.

All is fair in love and war, right?

War is the first of three novellas that deals with the aftermath of infidelity, revenge, and if true love can be saved.



“I don’t appreciate that shit between you and Faye a while back. I don’t care if you two hate each other but the moment it became physical, that’s where I draw the line.” His brown eyes grew increasingly darker with each word. “Not on my watch. That won’t ever happen again or I will quit you both.”

Simone folded her arms and sucked her teeth. Once again she was the devil while Faith was the angel. Faith was so angelic yet she had a retailiation affair. Faith was so angelic yet she kept in contact with Darren for an entire year after they broke up.

Simone wondered if Eli really knew how much his wife was hiding. “Did Faith get the same warning?”

“She sure in the hell did,” Eli nodded. “And I’m repeating it for you so there’s no mistake.”

“Oh what the fuck ever,” Simone rolled her eyes and walked into her kitchen. She stood at the sink and stretched her arms across it. She studied the window outside and focused her attention “Faith just has to get used to me being around, Eliodoro. I don’t necessarily care for this arrangement, neither, but that doesn’t matter now.”

“I will handle my wife,” He replied in a tone that politely told Simone to mind her business, “don’t worry about her. Just focus on Elena, please? Thank you.”

Simone harrumphed and shook her head. “I just knew there was going to be something. She won! She got you, and she got the kids! I don’t ever talk about her or even want to. Why does she care about me and what I’m doing? I swear it’s like the time I spoke to her at the salon when we were dating.”

Eli slowly turned his head toward her. His heartbeat quickened as a small fire lit inside him. “Can you run that by me again?”

“I confronted her at the salon when we dated,” Simone folded her arms and defended her actions, “I asked her when she was going to sign the divorce papers and she was defiant.”

“You did what?” Eli glared at her. “Why? I didn’t ask you to get involved, Simone.”

Simone felt Eli’s words to her core. She hated how he could still impact her as if nothing ever happened. “You were dragging your feet so I felt confronting Faith would speed up everything,” she stood her ground, “I don’t regret it.”

Eli understood Faith’s actions even more. He felt silly getting angry at his wife when she was pushed to the brink of explosion. He would make it up to her when he arrived home. “Of course you didn’t,” Eli walked up to her and cornered Simone against the sink, “don’t pull that shit again.”

Simone smelled Eli’s spicy cologne and felt a sudden dampness in her panties. Eli was so damn hot when he was pissed off. “Is that a threat?”

“It’s a promise,” he backed away, “I’m not having discord between you two because of something I did years ago. You don’t have to like each other but you will not disrespect my name.”

“Speaking of being disrespectful,” Simone began, “I received notice you wanted a DNA test.”


War (Book 1) will be out later this month.