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She was his biggest mistake. He’s about to be her biggest regret.

Eliodoro “Eli” D’Amato has a busy enough life. His reality show is rate number one in the country, and he has endorsements coming from everywhere to guarantee his children wouldn’t have anything to worry about. But when a mistake from his past comes back, he wonders if this is a storm he can weather.

Faith D’Amato is going to stand by her husband no matter what drama from his supposed baby mama brings. When the paternity of her middle child is brought into question, Faith realizes that she has more questions than answers.

Simone Harris is not going down with a fight. If Eli and Faith want to play dirty, she’s willing to roll around in the mud. She wonders if her fight is a lost cause when it’s not Eli and Faith she’s fighting, but the entire D’Amato clan.

All is fair in love and war, right?

War is the first of three novellas that deals with the aftermath of infidelity, revenge, and if true love can be saved.

Unedited Snippet: 

“So do you think, big bro?” Eli asked. “What’s your honest opinion?”

Nick looked around to make sure they weren’t in earshot of any fans or paparazzi. “Honestly? I don’t think she’s a D’Amato. She has none of the features the others have. Then again, genes are a bit of a lottery. She could be yours and just look like Simone.”

“I would accept that but she also doesn’t really look like Simone,” Eli looked up at the sky.

Nick softly blinked and turned to his younger brother. “Oh?”

“I didn’t ask her if there was another possibility,” Eli shrugged.

“But you think there was?”

Eli thought back to when he was with Simone. They saw each other plenty during the week, but the weekends were always swamped. There was also a time period they didn’t see each other for a couple of weeks.

Could she have? It wasn’t like they were in a committed relationship and Eli was still trying to process what he did to Faith and Nathan during the time. “Anything’s possible,” Eli replied, “I wasn’t with Simone all of the time, so…”

Nick shook his head. “Your ego is out of this world, little brother.”

“I’m speaking the truth,” Eli defended with more haste than he’d intended. “I don’t know what she was doing.”

Nick simply smiled. “Just come correct with me, Eli.”

“About what?”

Nick stopped walking and turned to his younger brother. He briefly looked around the Houston sky and admired how sunny and bright it was before he redirected his attention back to Eli. “You can’t stand the fact that while you were cheating on Faye, Simone could’ve been cheating on you.”

“She was never my girlfriend,” Eli replied.

“But I’m almost positive you didn’t want her sleeping with anyone else.”

“Why does any of this matter?” Eli defended. “This was three years ago.”

“It matters because it’s your ego. Eli, you know Elena is not yours.” Nick took off his sunglasses. “The way you’re acting tells me you know deep down Elena is not your child. But you don’t want to accept the fact that the woman you gave up your marriage and family for, was also playing you like a fiddle. You cannot accept the new pussy you chased and threw everything out the damn window, only saw the prestige of being connected to a D’Amato and dollar signs. You cannot accept the fact that the sweet Moni you knew in high school and lost your virginity to, grew up to be Simone, the homewrecking golddigging whore.” He spat. “So that is why we’re here in hot-ass Houston, examining an innocent little girl because you want to be convinced so badly that Elena is your daughter, it would somehow mean what I just said isn’t true. I have news for you, sweet brother, even if Elena is proven to be yours, what I just said about Simone stands.”


War – Book 1 – will be out later this month.

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