#FlashFriday: Not About That Life (Feeling Some Type of Way III)

The famous rapper, Khia, always says to ‘Get Money, Bitch!’

Now I finally understand what she means.

As I become more engrossed into the Lifestyles of the Rich and Shameless, traveling all over the world, laughing at quirky Friends references even though I have no idea what the hell they’re talking about, and introduced to how the one percent really lives, I’ll finally realize what it’s really like to be so rich, you downplay the wealth.

I also realize what it’s like to be so rich, you might forget who you are and where you come from.

I don’t want it all. Hell, I don’t even want the majority of it, though I wouldn’t mind having the latest Chanel clutch that is guaranteed to take me to the Promised Land. But I do want something that will ensure we’re on as even of a playing field as we could be.

And if Ian won’t give me that, I will have to walk away.

Nobody puts Domi in a corner.


Unedited Snippet

“Who was that?”

“That was Kwesi Agbo,” Michael explains to me. The look on my face told him I had no idea who the hell that was so he clarifies, “one of the sons of the world-famous Ghanaian Agbo dynasty. His mother is Queen Esi.”

“Okay…” I slowly speak. Channeling my inner Mariah Carey, I don’t know her.

“They’re one of the last royal families in Ghana. They’re worth billions.” Michael begins, “Kwesi always comes in to purchase jewelry for his mother.”

A man who loves his mother always has a small spot in my heart. “How lovely,” I reply.

“He’s also single,” Michael bats his eyelashes.

“She’s also engaged,” Adrienne reminds him.

“It’s funny how the heart might want something completely different than what the brain says it should?” Michael nonchalantly replies.

“Domi is engaged to one of the world’s wealthiest men, sis,” Adrienne reminds Michael, who shrugs, “she already has a billionaire.”

“But is she with a billionaire her age?” Michael points out. “Kwesi is 25, I believe.”

“He is?” My voice is a couple octaves higher than normal and I quickly correct it. “I mean, hey, that’s cool.”

“Ian has been good to her and why the hell are you trying to be a messy bitch and convince Domi otherwise?” Adrienne asks. “Isn’t Ian Frank’s boss?”

“I saw the way she acted around Kwesi.” Michael holds his ground. “The giggles, the bitten lips, and the sporadic breathing. Shit, I thought the bitch was about to orgasm in the damn store and I don’t have any more towels to clean up that mess.”

“Okay, fuck, you do know I’m still here, right?” I chime in and stand up for myself. Damn, that BDSM shit paid off in other ways.


A dark horse enters the race…

Not About That Life drops the week of August 15th.

3 thoughts on “#FlashFriday: Not About That Life (Feeling Some Type of Way III)

  1. tratasmaria says:

    Cannot wait till the 15th. Yeah sure, it’s around the corner but dying to see which way Domi goes. Mm, sophisticated Dom Ian? Or new boy Kwesi. Yeah sure, the money may be there and possibly the princess title. But do we want a little slap and tickle? or a distinguished Dom with breathtaking slap and tickle? Leave it up to you Vera to question your characters sunnies. 😉

  2. ririjam says:

    Girl! You throwing a Monkey wrench in the situation!!! Clowning! You know you’re a damn good storyteller! I still want her with Ian. You had your chocolate on chocolate romance Sistah Souljah twin girl. LOLOLOL!

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