#FlashFriday: Not About That Life (Feeling Some Type of Way III)


The famous rapper, Khia, always says to ‘Get Money, Bitch!’

Now I finally understand what she means.

As I become more engrossed into the Lifestyles of the Rich and Shameless, traveling all over the world, laughing at quirky Friends references even though I have no idea what the hell they’re talking about, and introduced to how the one percent really lives, I’ll finally realize what it’s really like to be so rich, you downplay the wealth.

I also realize what it’s like to be so rich, you might forget who you are and where you come from.

I don’t want it all. Hell, I don’t even want the majority of it, though I wouldn’t mind having the latest Chanel clutch that is guaranteed to take me to the Promised Land. But I do want something that will ensure we’re on as even of a playing field as we could be.

And if Ian won’t give me that, I will have to walk away.

Nobody puts Domi in a corner.

Unedited Snippet: 

“Does your family know you do this, Master?” I ask.

Nick shakes his head. “They don’t need to know. They know how private I am and they don’t ask questions unless they want to know.” He leans against the balcony. “It’s not a conversation piece to bring up at dinner parties.”

That brings out a slight chuckle in me. “I guess not, Master.”

He studies my face and I feel his eyes trail up and down my body. I wonder what he’s thinking. Is this young girl wasting his time when he could be with his hot wife inside? I’m sure there are papers he could be grading instead of humoring my young ass. “Why do you want to know about the Lifestyle?”

I feel silly saying it but it’s the honest to goodness truth. “Because of the books and the movie.”

Nick is silent and I hold his gaze. His face is emotionless and I wonder if this was a bad idea. I’ve heard people say what I’ve read isn’t anything like what actually happens but I have to know for myself.

“You might hate it,” Nick turns his attention back to the New York skyline and is silent for a brief moment. He then turns back to me and locks eyes with mine. “Or you just might love it.”

I feel the sensual current pass between us. I see why Master is so popular with the other submissives. Man, Zerrin’s a lucky bitch. “What are you going to teach me, Master?”

“Whatever you want to know,” he causally answers, “the basics, for sure. You need to understand this is a lifestyle. It’s not just about having kinky sex. It’s not just having multiple orgasms and being tied up. There are heavy mental gymnastics that go into BDSM that the mainstream doesn’t talk about it because it’s boring. Why would anyone care about a boot blacking session when they can read how I made my wife climax so hard one night she had to cancel classes the next day because she couldn’t walk.”

Nick said it so fluidly, I almost misheard. I’m hanging on by a thread as he just casually told me how bad he put it on Zerrin where she had to cancel an entire day of classes?

What. The. Fuck.

He pauses again and nurses his cognac. “Zerrin told me you were interested in watching us?”

I swallow. Hard.

My heart is racing and my stomach again bottoms out. I feel like I’m freefalling and I can’t stop. “Yes. She offered to show me how to deep throat, Master.”

Nick simply nods. “And what else?”

Come on, Domi…now’s not the time to be skurred. “I want to watch you two in action. If that’s okay, Master.”

“It’s fine,” his voice is flat and he’s so hard to read. I don’t know if I’m bothering him by all of these requests. “The more you learn hands-on, the better. I would prefer you learn that way.” He glances over to Ian, who is talking to Whitney and Zerrin. “What has he told you about his past?”

“Nothing, really,” I shake my head, “he doesn’t like talking about it for some reason.”

“Master Ian’s very private so he’s not going to do a lot of talking about what he does behind closed doors before he can figure out if the person he’s with is worth sharing that intimate detail,” Nick explains, “the fact you know this much about him shows how much he loves and trusts you.”


Not About That Life will be out the week of August 15th.

Sneak preview of the first few chapters are located here.

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