#SundaySnippet: Feeling Some Type of Way III


The famous rapper, Khia, always says to ‘Get Money, Bitch!’

Now I finally understand what she means.

As I become more engrossed into the Lifestyles of the Rich and Shameless, traveling all over the world, laughing at quirky Friends references even though I have no idea what the hell they’re talking about, and introduced to how the one percent really lives, I’ll finally realize what it’s really like to be so rich, you downplay the wealth.

I also realize what it’s like to be so rich, you might forget who you are and where you come from.

I don’t want it all. Hell, I don’t even want the majority of it, though I wouldn’t mind having the latest Chanel clutch that is guaranteed to take me to the Promised Land. But I do want something that will ensure we’re on as even of a playing field as we could be.

And if Ian won’t give me that, I will have to walk away.

Nobody puts Domi in a corner.

Unedited snippet:

My body shudders as a sweep of emotion washes over me. The tears are in freefall mode and my eyes are burning with anger and humiliation. This isn’t supposed to happen this way. We’re supposed to officially announce our engagement tomorrow and now all of that has been shot to hell.

My feet are cinder blocks. I can’t move and I don’t want Ian near me. The silence is deafening and I finally look up to see if he’s still in the room.

His face is emotionless. His silence kills me. He just watches me break down in front of him and there’s not a trace of remorse on his face at all. His blue eyes turned into a deep cobalt color and I feel the intensity within them hitting my spine.

He softly blinks and I wonder if he’ll say anything, prove to me that I was wrong, that I was being immature as usual, that this was just an overblown argument and I’m making a big deal out of nothing once again.

Instead, all I receive is his silence.

My mind is tired. My body is weary. My heart is unbelievably shattered and I feel lost. I’m starting to believe he never cared at all. I was something he wanted to acquire and once he did, he became bored. There’s really nothing else left for me to do at this point.

With the strength I never knew I had, I hastily remove that giant engagement ring from my finger and walk over to him. “I can’t be with you if this is your home and I’m just an extended guest. I deserve better and so do you.” I softly kiss his lips one last time and I already feel the loss of him within me. “I’ll be back tomorrow for everything else.” I leave his penthouse one last time.

A few seconds later, I return, rush to him, and grab the ring out of his hands. “Oh, we’re still broken up but I’m keeping this.” Then I leave for good.


August 15th.

Also, I’m kinda stuck for a book title. I think I might have a contest for one. Something catchy, though. The best idea wins an ARC. Could be multiple winners.

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  1. tratasmaria says:

    What is going on with the world. Hot sex, inspiring Doms demanding/confusing lovers. Domi, Domi, Domi… can Ian continue without Domi? I think maybe Domi may, but great how long? Oh can’t wait for release date.

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