#TeaserTuesday: Feeling Some Type of Way III

“You never tried masturbating?”

I felt his words in my core, the heat in my belly, and the intensity of his blue eyes as they focused on mine. I’m not ashamed I’d never done it; I’m sure a lot of women haven’t.

I grew up with the thought of doing so was unpure, nasty, and potentially harmful. Classy and educated women didn’t masturbate. Those who did would be out in the streets, jumping at anything that walked past them. I didn’t want to bring shame to my family or somehow destroy the Kimbrough name by doing so, so I’d never attempted.

It wasn’t that I wanted to. I read enough trashy e-books to get my fill there and very few of them had the heroine masturbating, so I thought women just didn’t do it. Those who did do it, were sex experts. I was definitely not that.

Ian was willing to teach me everything he knew and then some. I had no reason to be afraid and for some odd reason, I felt a bit empowered by his boldness. “No, I haven’t,” I quietly answered.

“I want you to,” his voice matched mine. “Now. In front of me.”

I swallowed. Twice. “Now?”

“You liked it when I did it to you, yes?” He asked. “I want to see what you look like when you give yourself that same pleasure.” He stands behind me and slowly unzips the gown. He pulls down my body, caressing it along the way and helps me step out of it.

Ian slowly removes the expensive La Perla thong but leaves the pantyhose and garter belt on me, along with the bra. I feel the coldness of the air conditioning on my heated sex, and my body responds. Desire races throughout my body like a maze, and unrelenting pleasure takes over. I look at him through the full-length mirror in our bedroom, and his intense eyes are fixated on mine.

He’s not just watching me; he’s studying my reaction, my every movement, and bidding his time on what he should do next. He wants me to become more open for him, more exposed and vulnerable. To be willing and eager for the experience, no matter how scary it could be.

We’ve played the roles since we’ve been a part of each other’s lives – he leads and I follow. Except now, he wants me to lead. He wants me to show him where it feels good. He wants me to show him how I give myself pleasure, how I make my toes curl, how I can myself scream out in orgasm.

Could I? Could I really do such an intimate act?

“You knew what you were doing, though.” I weakly reply.

The thought frightens me. It sounds silly to think I had no problem doing a pole dance in front of millions around the world. I share a bit of my world on Instagram every day. But the thought of masturbating…doing such a private act in front of my lover? I don’t know.

Ian kisses the back of my legs and I go weak as they softly buckle. He wraps his arms around my body to keep me from falling as he moves upward. He places two small kisses on each cheek before moving to the small of my back. His tongue traces up my spine and finally and the small of my neck, my weak spot.

“No, I didn’t,” he purrs in my ear, and softly nibbles on it. I close my eyes and lean back against him while his hands slither all over my body. “I didn’t know if you would like me playing with your pussy. I do, now.” He stops kissing my ear and my eyes open. I meet his eyes in the mirror staring back at us. His right hand travels to my sex and cups it, feeling the soft thumping against his palm. “What are you afraid of?”


The third installment will be out next month.

One thought on “#TeaserTuesday: Feeling Some Type of Way III

  1. tratasmaria says:

    Liberated. Is it power to feel freedom of your body and share with the one you love? Or is it wanton to share and exhibit. Mmm, maybe it’s all. Maybe this is what Ian wants for Domi from Domi, we need to wait and see. Yeah, Ian. Domi, liberate for your man……

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