#FlashFriday: Feeling Some Type of Way III

“I need to learn how to deep throat but I’m daunted by Ian’s size,” I begin, “each time I try to go deeper, I end up gagging.”

“You need to learn how to relax,” Zerrin’s voice was smooth as melted butter on a warm biscuit, “it’s not a race to the finish. It’s like eating a lollipop when you were little. You didn’t rush to finish it. You wanted to enjoy it as much as you could, right?”

She’s right. The difference is, however, I only dealt with Tootsie Pops. I never had to deal with one the size of a cucumber. “I guess I need to watch more porn and get an idea.”

“Porn helps,” Zerrin nods, “but I think watching another couple will also help you.” She softly blinks at me.

Is she…? Am I going to…? Oh shit… “Huh?”

“I need to ask Sir if it’s okay with Him, but I don’t see why He would turn down a teaching moment.” She softly smiles. “Would you and Ian be okay watching us?”

My mouth felt cottony and I swallowed a few times. Zerrin is the epitome of God Herself with her long braids, dark skin, and thick but toned body. Nick, with his Mediterranean devilish looks and muscular frame, would make any woman drop to her knees.

And I get to watch them fuck? Oh hell yeah! “I wouldn’t mind. I doubt Ian would, either.” I quietly reply though I’m totally marking the hell out inside.

“It’ll be intense,” she quietly poured the tea, “you might have to watch us a few times to get the idea of what it’s like being a submissive to a Dom. It’s nothing like you’ve read in the books and seen in the movies. There’s a lot of power exchange that has nothing to do with sex. In fact, sex is a very small part of it.”

It sounds intriguing, I’ll silently admit. It still sounds very daunting. “I get the feeling this wouldn’t be the first time Ian has participated in BDSM.”

Zerrin softly chuckles and places petite fours on small plates for us. “What has Ian told you about his past?”

I slightly shrug. “The generic. Many partners, threesomes, he’s dabbled in BDSM.”

Zerrin’s eyes sparkle with intrigue. “Dabbled, huh?”

My eyebrows rise. Oh? “He lied about his BDSM involvement?”

“This is probably not my place to say but I’m willing to take the punishment because I’m looking out for your best interest,” Zerrin hands me the plate of treats, “Ian’s considered one of the best Doms in the world, Dominique. If you want to get technical with it, he’ll be considered within the top five.”

If I wasn’t sitting down, I would’ve fell off any seat. The top five? Oh Em Gee.

It explains why Ian didn’t tell go into great detail about his sexual history. He probably didn’t want to scare me. To be honest, I might have been a bit intimidated but I think I would’ve gladly gone along for his hard and thick ride. When I am not horny?

So much I want to ask. So much I want to explore! I loved it when Ian tied my hands behind my back as he fucked me from behind. I loved it when he slapped my ass. I love he wants to teach me more things about my body.

I want him to pull my hair, lightly choke me, tie me up, spank me until my ass is nice and pink, and force-feed me his cock until I gag. I want him to take me to the brink of an orgasm, only to deny me of it because I need to be taught a lesson. I want to watch more couples. I want other couples to watch us.

Okay, I think I need to change my name from Domi to Horny because apparently, this is a new me.

As all of this is running through my mind, I politely take a bite of one of the petit fours and softly chew it as the chocolate cream melts in my mouth. “Oh, I see.”


Saint Nick returns…

The yet-to be titled third book in the Feeling Some Type of Way series will be out in a few weeks. It’ll be available everywhere.

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