#SexySunday Snippet: Bad and Bougie #contemporary #newadult #romance

Bad and Boujee 1400x2100


Our lips slowly kiss each other. Deliberate. Methodical. Intense. It’s not just sex between us now and we both know it. We’re exchanging energy. I’m taking away his pain and frustration. In return, he’s giving me nothing but pleasure and love.

I’m already aroused when I ease myself down on him. I gasp at the thickness and wonder if I could really take all of him. Ian kisses my neck and caresses my back as I pulsate around him. He knows this is new for me, for us, and he’s willing to be a patient teacher.

I slowly begin to ride him, taking inch by inch. Not all of him is inside of me and I’m okay with that for now. He’s stretching me, yet filling me. My focus is on him and his needs. I want him to temporarily forget about the night and focus on us and what we’re doing.

The pressure became too great to ignore and soft moans flowed out of my mouth. Hot pinpoints of ecstasy sprung up on my body, with every nerve and cell was filled with pleasure. Ian clasped his hands on my ass and guided me. Back and forth. Up and down. He gave as I took.

I became too hungry for my orgasm and silently demanded release. I bounced on him now and he guided me once again. His lips captured mine as my body shook and my legs uncontrollably moved. He was letting me take control for once and encouraged me to do it.


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