#TeaserTuesday: Bad and Bougie (Feeling Some Type of Way II) #romance #contemporary #newadult


I’m almost tempted to ask him exactly how wealthy the Fergusons are. Actually, to hell with temptation. I’ll just go ahead and ask. “How rich is your family, baby?”

“Short answer, I don’t know.” He casually replies. “Long answer, I can’t even fathom how much we have.”

It’s an honest answer and I have to be content with it. They own so many properties all over the world, Ian’s probably right that he doesn’t know. I don’t know why I care so much about his money. I never cared about this before.

Then again, we never had an issue of a prenup prenup.

“So, is this mine to keep? Forever? Forever ever? Forever ever?” I not-so patiently ask.

Ian’s eyes narrow at mine. “Outkast…”

“It’s a reference to Outk…” I suddenly stop as I realized Ian knows who I’m talking about for once. “What you know about Outkast?”

“Not much.” He admits. “I just remember that one video they did with that one gorgeous woman and I damn near lost my mind.”

I search my brain for an idea. “The Way You Move?”

“I think that’s the one. All I remember she wore a bikini and heels and I was like, ‘That should be the standard for any woman.’”

I chuckle. “You’re such a misogynist.”

“No, not really. I’m honest.” He replies. “Her body type made me realize I like my women…” His eyes slowly undress me. “…thick.”

I audibly sigh to keep the temperature from reaching a boiling point. “You’re going to make me blow you in this car.”

“I most certainly hope so,” he grins.



Ian has great taste in women…

Bad and Bougie will be out on June 23rd.

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    • veraroberts says:

      Well, he did admit he didn’t know much ’bout Outkast. I figured an ex of his must’ve been a fan. Then again, it was a really popular song and video at the time so he might’ve caught wind of it.

      Shit, seeing baby girl in that bikini is still #goals.

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