#FlashFriday: Bad and Bougie – Feeling Some Type of Way II #newadult #romance

I look up and lock eyes with Ian.

I freeze for a split second as we read each other. He’s holding tumbler full of brown liquid. He’s still fully dressed but gone was the quiet anger from before. Instead, his lips have a smirk to them. His eyes sparkle like if he’s happy to see me.

He doesn’t say a word; he just sits down at the sofa across from me. He wants to watch me. I’m the distraction he needs and I’m glad to be that for him.

I find the resolve to continue my impromptu dance and climb back onto the pole. I slowly kick my legs as if I’m riding a bicycle before I bend over and twirl around, only the strength of my thighs keeping me from falling.

I slowly slide to the bottom head first, almost reaching the floor but never touching it. I grab the pole with both hands and spread my legs apart, closing them like a fan and re-opening them. I hold one leg to my face and twirl around to face Ian, once again locking eyes with him. It’s an invitation to him to do whatever he wants to me tonight or forever, for that matter.

I ease myself down onto the floor. It’s a bit cold yet my body quickly warms it up. Ian’s eyes are still on mine and I move my body against the floor, circling it with my body, desperate to feel his touch all over me.

Ian finishes his drink and slouches back on the sofa. He approvingly nods and is still silent. He slowly moves two fingers towards him, beckoning me to stop dancing and I’m happy to oblige.

Keeping my eyes on Ian, I crawl to him. It’s a sign of submission and respect. I’m telling him for tonight, he’s in control. My body, his command. Whatever he wants and however he wants it, I’m willing to do. It’s something we both understand and respect without saying a word.

When I reach him, I undo his dress pants and his hardened shaft jumps out at me. I slowly ease myself up and he helps me. Ian reaches up my cocktail dress and pulls down my panties and I step out of them. He hoists my dress around my waist and pulls me down on his lap.

Our lips slowly kiss each other. Deliberate. Methodical. Intense. It’s not just sex between us now and we both know it. We’re exchanging energy. I’m taking away his pain and frustration. In return, he’s giving me nothing but pleasure and love.

I’m already aroused when I ease myself down on him. I gasp at the thickness and wonder if I could really take all of him. Ian kisses my neck and caresses my back as I pulsate around him. He knows this is new for me, for us, and he’s willing to be a patient teacher.


Bad and Bougie will be out in two weeks, on June 23rd. Cover reveal coming soon.

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  1. Chriss Crooks-Rocha says:

    Every time I think about this couple I think of the song by Lela James Catch me if I fall for you!! Damn you Vera, got me all in my emotions with this couple.

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