#TBT – Feeling Some Type of Way #romance #contemporary #newadult


I walked over to him, and he helped me into the warm bath. I recognized the smell of patchouli and jasmine in the milk bath. Ian grabbed a large sponge and began to bathe me, spreading the sponge all of my body. He went between my thighs and gently washed my sex before he squeezed the sponge around my breasts and shoulders.

I closed my eyes and rested my head against the super soft bath pillow. For the first time in a long while, I was at ease. I didn’t have to question what Ian really thought of me or if I was just entertaining a stupid crush. I felt his eyes on me as he continued to bathe me. I wonder what his thoughts were, if he felt the same, and if he was ready to become my teacher in life.

My partner in love and forever.

“How are you feeling, baby?” He asked.

My eyes opened and met Ian’s. A look of sexy confidence swept across his face as his eyes smiled at me. He definitely felt the same. “I feel wonderful,” my voice was barely a whisper.

“I’m glad to hear that,” he stood up and shook off his dripping hand. Before my eyes, he stripped bare in front of me.

For the first time, I got to see Ian in his glory. Beautiful was an understatement. His tawny skin was ripped but not too muscular. His washboard abs led to delicious hip dents. His legs were strong and muscular.

His dick was long, cinnamon-colored, and perfect. It was mouth-watering beautiful and I wouldn’t normally say that about a man’s dick. His dick looked like it could touch my soul, send me to God, and then pull me right back down to earth once it was out of me.

Ian’s dick deserved a certificate of achievement or participation or some shit. He was no starter dick, I’ll tell you that much. I needed to have pro-level certification.

And I was ready to munch, crunch, slob, lick, spit…you name it!

I kept my composure. I was excited to see him but Ian was daunting. A man much older than me with a baseball bat between his legs and experience on his side? I don’t know if I’m able to handle it.

Somehow, I think Ian is going to teach me.

He moved to the tub and got in with me. “Come here,” he directed.

I moved over to Ian and sat in front of him. He wrapped his legs and arms around my body as he nibbled on my left ear. His hands reached up and massaged my breasts, slightly pinching the nipples as he continued.

“It’s going to be a long lesson. I want to explore everything with you. I want to introduce you to new and wild things.” He firmly squeezed my breasts and kissed my earlobe, nuzzling his soft beard against my neck. “I want to experience all three of your holes.”

I never had a man talk dirty to me, but Jesus, that was super hot. I felt more aroused than ever.

“I want to give you your first orgasm and every one after that.” I felt one of his hands travel down to my sex. He caressed the soft pubic hair before walking his fingers down to my slick folds. I willingly parted my thighs for him and he wasted no time. He began worshiping my pink pearl, his fingers slithering across it.

I gasped as I naturally began to ride his fingers. He had the fingers of a god. They were long and skillful, knowing when to pinch, caress, and massage me. They traveled down to my opening before climbing back up to my pearl, where the relentless pleasure continued.

Heat formed in my belly and I panted to release the building tension. No, I can’t come yet. We barely just got started. My first orgasm can’t come this quickly!

“Domi,” Ian moaned in my ear, “I want my write my name all over your yoni.”

Okay, that did it. “Ian, fuck!” The orgasm hit me like a Mack truck and left me convulsing. It was my first orgasm but I’m sure it broke records all over the world for the fastest.

He withdrew his fingers and wrapped his arms around me tight. Gosh, I’m so embarrassed. I didn’t think I would scream like that and Ian probably thought I was some rabid animal.

I covered my mouth and shook my head. Next time I orgasm, I’ll keep silent and contained. I won’t be so loud and vulgar. “I’m sorry for that,” I apologized to him, “I didn’t mean to act like that.”

“Why are you apologizing?” He asked me. “I thought it was beautiful.”

Beautiful? Me coming hard and uncontrollably like that? “What?” I turned to face him. “You didn’t think it was too much?”

“Domi, I want to see how many other reactions I can pull out of you.” He smiled. “That was only the beginning.”


Indeed it was.

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