#FlashFriday: Bad and Bougie (Feeling Some Type of Way II)


I finish the rest of my plate and clear the table. “I need to hurry and get ready. Adrienne should be here to pick me up within an hour and she’s a stickler for being on time. The only black person who doesn’t abide by CP time.”

Ian follows me to the kitchen. “CP time?”

“Yeah, it’s…” I pause and wonder if this was something I really wanted to explain to my white British boyfriend. “Um, it stands for Colored People’s Time.” Ian raises both eyebrows and I feel my ancestors giving me all sorts of side eyes. “It’s a black thing, you wouldn’t understand.”

“Got it,” He drops the subject and Lord, I am thankful. He stands behind me as I lazily rinse off the plates. He steps closer to me and I feel his toned body press against mine. His hands circle over my nipples and softly pinch them through the fabric. He places a series of hot kisses along my neck as his hands travel down to my boy shorts and he slips a hand inside my panties.

A warm sensation shoots up my thighs and pools at the vee of my sex. Breathy moans come out in spurts from my throat. My legs magically part like they’re under hypnosis and Ian’s fingers were the trick.

His hand cups my sex and he softly moans against my neck. “I’m going to fuck your brains out,” he promises me.

Fuck. That is so damn hot and my brain is yelling at me, screaming, ‘Bitch, why are you still dressed?’


Bad and Bougie. Feeling Some Type of Way II. June 2017.

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