#TBT – Feeling Some Type of Way


“So,” he played with my fingertips with his, “did you want to go back inside and try again?”

I hoped this time around was more pleasurable than last night but I also didn’t want to go through that ever again. “I’m nervous,” I admitted, “last night was quite painful.”

He nodded. “I know but the more you do it, the easier it’ll become,” he smiled at me, “we need you to become more comfortable with your body and everything it can do. I’m sure you know it pretty well already with practice.”

“Practice?” My eyes narrowed at him. I hope he doesn’t mean if I…? “Playing with myself?”

Ian simply blinked at me as if I asked a question with an obvious answer. “Yes.” He read my face to look for confirmation but all he received was confusion. “You’ve never masturbated?”

“No, never.” I admitted. I don’t know why the thought makes me ashamed. I’m sure there are a lot of women who’ve never masturbate at all and they have happy sex lives. I’m also pretty sure the same people still use VCRs.

“You should. You’ll get to know your body very well.” Ian replied. “You’ll find out what you like and don’t.”

The thought of fingering myself didn’t sound appeasing to me. Nor did sticking some foreign apparatus in me. “Okay.”

I felt Ian’s glare as I became lost into my thoughts. He wasn’t convinced I wouldn’t do the homework he’d assigned. The look on his face was hard to read. He was either frustrated or…determined.

“Come inside.” He got up and went back to his bedroom, only to reappear a short time later. I followed him inside and stayed put in the living room. He had some large device in his hand I would later discover was the Hitachi. “Come here and take off your jeans,” he ordered me.

I did just that and walked up to Ian. He hoisted me up on the counter. He reached up and pulled down my panties, tossing them aside. His eyes had a devilish twinkle in them as if he knew he was up to no good and wanted me to come along for the ride. Somehow, I didn’t think I would mind riding shotgun (his).

He kissed me, sweeping his lips across mine before he softly played with my tongue. “Spread your legs,” he commanded and I complied. “Look at me.”

I held his gaze. His blue eyes were intense, his nostrils were slightly flared, and an erotic current flowed between us. I had a feeling he didn’t want me to look anywhere else and I wasn’t about to disobey him. It was so hot.

He turned on the Hitachi and placed it on my sex and I immediately yelped. “Take it,” he softly spoke. “Keep your eyes open and focused on mine.”

I nodded and bit my lip as the pleasure coursed through my body. He dragged the vibrator against my opening and held it there. It was intense. It was wild. It was everything.

He turned the vibrator onto a higher speed and I moaned, calling out his name as I wrapped my arms around his neck. I obeyed him; I didn’t remove my eyes from his. I felt every emotion and energy exchange between us like never before. He took me to a higher plane, to something unknown and erotic.

My sex fluttered on the first taste of climax. “Ian…” My voice came out light and wispy. “I’m about to come.”

“I know,” his authoritative voice drove me wild with lust, “I want to see how many times you’re going to.” He increased the speed again and I shrieked with a muffled cry as the orgasm washed over my body. “Good. That’s one.”

His lips crushed mine as he closed the distance between us. My sex thumped against the Hitachi and I squirmed on his counter. His lips trailed down to my neck and gently sucked on it while my arms wrapped around his neck. “Ian…Ian…” My legs uncontrollably shook and it felt like I had no control of anything anymore.

It was part of Ian’s game. He wanted to be in absolute control, a silent power exchange that only needed to be understood and not spoken aloud. I couldn’t get enough of it.

“Seeing you come is so beautiful,” Ian moaned against my ear, “you don’t know what it does to me to see you in such pleasure created by me.”

Coherent sentences simply couldn’t come out of me. I felt the heat rise in my belly. I trembled, heavily breathed, and squirmed on the counter. I was actually trying not to come again but my body betrayed me.

The orgasm ripped through my body like a current and this time I screamed out Ian’s name. Sweat formed on my body and my legs finally stopped buckling. It was so good and we were finally done.

That’s what I thought until I felt Ian turned the vibrator onto the highest setting. Apparently, we weren’t done. Not by a long shot.

“I don’t think I can come anymore,” I breathed against him.

“Yes, you can and you will.” He growled against my ear. “I want to see you fall apart against me.”

Moans and grunts came out of my mouth in all forms of pitches and registers. I couldn’t even recognize the raspy, breathy, and desperate moans came out of me. Who was this person? Where did she come from?

Ian’s free hand squeezed my breasts, tweaking the nipples while the other hand steadily remained on the Hitachi. My sex moved in tandem of the vibrator, wanting more of it.

“I thought you said you didn’t like toys?” Ian teased me. Damn him.

“I…I…” The words could barely come out of my mouth. “I like…th-th-this one…”

I felt powerless as I repeatedly begged him, crying out his name. I never knew such pleasure from a simple toy, yet it was beyond my wildest dreams. It was a conundrum of sorts – I wanted the torture to end but I never wanted it stop at all.

On Ian’s kitchen counter, with his windows open, his neighbors heard me climax for the third time that morning.

I wrapped my arms around his neck so hard, I put him in a headlock. I shrieked and cried as the third orgasm crashed into my body like a giant wave. I was dizzy, breathless, and completely incoherent and bumbling. I’m sure I also drooled over Ian’s expensive shirt.

He picked me up and carried me back to bed and laid down next to me. He snuggled next to me as my head rested on his chest. I felt the soft thump of his heartbeat while his fingers threaded through my curls as sleep found me.

Ian was my everything. And I was his.


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