War – Release date announcement

So, it’s not a spring release as I planned but it’s still coming out relatively soon.


Unedited Snippet:

“Hey Art, what’s up? What? Ah shit…yeah, I’ll be there now.” Eli hung up his phone and grabbed his keys.

“What’s up?” Joey looked up from his computer. “Is everything okay?”

“Faye and Simone got into it over at the salon,” Eli shook his head. He should’ve been surprised by the news but he wasn’t. What did shock him, however, was how long it took for said action to take place. “I’m heading over there before it makes Page Six.”

“Who won?”

“Who do you think?”


At least that answers one question….

July 15th.

10 thoughts on “War – Release date announcement

  1. Chriss Crooks-Rocha says:

    Please please please just let Faye tag that heffa one good time…. I sure hope Faye grows up now, is Eli the father of Simones daughter?( I hope not), oh what about Fayes second son is Eli the pappy??!!

  2. towandaspencer says:

    I can’t wait…who sung that song?? Anyway that song is going thru my head as I read the snippet and the comments!!! Luv it!!

  3. carolynyp2 says:

    Simone had a nerve going to Faith’s place of work starting trouble in the first place. I never understood why she did’t tell Eli about Simone’s visit requesting she divorce Eli in Where I want To Be!!

    • veraroberts says:

      Eli is a complicated individual.

      One never got the feeling he wanted to leave Faith for good, and when War finally does come out, the reader will see Eli wasn’t the one that filed for divorce, it was Faith and the reasons she did were rather childish and suspect.

      So, that brings us to Simone and Faith. I originally had a scene where Faith told Eli, ‘Oh by the way, your girlfriend confronted me’ and of course, Eli acted the way Eli acted (ballistic). I deleted it because I didn’t see the point of Eli knowing about the confrontation at that point. He was already confused, he hated seeing Faith with Darren, Simone was driving him nuts, so I didn’t want to add anything more. Plus, Faith is one of those women where she feels she can handle things on her own w/o the help of her husband, so in that understanding, I can see why Faith never uttered a word to Eli about it.

      Now let’s fast-forward…

      Simone’s attitude in the series evolves from her wanting Eli back, to her wanting revenge on Faith, to her just wanting to ‘beat’ Faith at life. Simone looks at Faith as someone who has everything she wants, yet, she still treats her husband poorly (and she’s not exactly wrong in that belief). Faith looks at Simone as the person Eli probably would’ve been with if it wasn’t for her move. There is also an underlying colorist issue between the women as they both said some pretty vicious things about each other’s skin tone.

      Eli will eventually know about the first confrontation via one of the women and his reaction probably won’t be too happy with Simone. She’s already on his shit list so I’m sure that will make it worse between them.

  4. Booksoaps says:

    Yyyyyyaaaaaaassssssss I can’t freaking wait sheesh this can’t be the end tho….. crying as I type…… do it mrs. Roberts 😂😂😂 #bittersweet😩

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