#TBT – Superpower


“What you have is a generation of men, Black men, who still want to police everything the Black woman does. Notice I didn’t say certain Black women. Notice I didn’t say a particular type of Black woman. No, I meant general. I mean all of us. And they want to police everything – our hair, our clothing, our weight, our size, our attitudes, our education and so forth. If they deem us uneducated, we’re ghetto and hoodrats. If we have education, we’re uppity bitches. If we’re free and liberated with our sexuality, we’re hoes and thots. If we like something that isn’t typical amongst Black folks, we’re trying to be White and self-haters.

“If we choose not to support a Black man for strong reasons, we’re called bitter bitches. We’re automatically the Angry Black woman who hold onto grudges. Forget that comedian that raped all those women. He created a monumental TV show so we should support him, anyway! Forget that one actor who refused to apologize for his indiscretions; we need to support his movie! And you want to know why they say that to us? Because they see how the White people look past their favorites’ indiscretions, dirty laundry, and immoral and unethical behavior. And they feel, if they do it, we should too. No, booboo.

“Now, they won’t support us. They will nitpick everything about us for the reasons I mentioned above. A Black man can create, write, produce, and direct his own TV show and is lauded. A Black woman does the same, and it’s crickets. On the screen, they’re automatically our love interests. We’ll dedicate songs to them, calling them Kings. We’re in the streets fighting for them. We give birth to these Black boys and worry every time they leave the home if they’re coming back that night.

“And what do we get in return? If a White girl does a twerk, we have Black men screaming in our ears, yelling in our faces, talking how she’s about to ‘shut us down.’ We have Black men openly saying on national TV, they don’t want to date women who have to wrap their hair up at night. They don’t want to date someone who wears a bonnet. Well, why does it matter? Are we going somewhere at 3 AM? A White woman faked her entire life story of being Black, and you had loads of Black men coming to her defense. Now, if a White man did that, would he still get a pass?

“From the time we’re born, okay? Are you still with me? From the time we’re born, we’ve been told we aren’t shit from either our fathers, our relatives, the boys on the playground, ex-boyfriends, and furthermore, society. Your hair’s nappy, get a perm. You too damn dark, try not to stay out in the sun so much. Your lips are too big. Your eyes are too wide. You have an attitude. Why are you always angry? Why are you always sad? Why, why, why?

“So finally, after years of trying to get love and acceptance and having the doors slam in our faces, you have these White men, these Latino men, these Asian men, who are beating down our doors and saying to us, ‘Let us love you. Let us treat you like the Queens you are.’ And so we let them. We marry them. We start families with them. We grow our villages with them.

“And the same Black men who verbally, emotionally, physically just beat us down are now angry at us. ‘Well, why are you sleeping with the oppressor?’ ‘How can you be pro-Black and sleep with the enemy?’ So, you have this group of Black men who do not want us, who want to beat us down, who want humiliate us at every chance, but they do not want us to date out. They do not want us to be happy with The Others. And I’m sitting here, watching all of this and thinking, ‘Well, Negro, you can’t have it your way. I’m not Burger King.’

“So, while these men are hating on us, you have their Beckys with the Good Hair keeping mum on all things social and political with them. Let me repeat that one more time for the people in the back. The Black men who hate on Black women, are messing around with their Others, who aren’t fighting for them. They’re not saying a word. They’re not out in the streets. They’re not penning essays. They’re not making any hashtags other than #yum and #sohungry.

“And these Black men are so focused on who is in my bed. What race is the person in my bed? Meanwhile, we’re letting all of these Beckys come right on in, stealing our sound, our style, our look, and our Black gold. And when I say Beckys, I’m not referring to just White women. ‘Oh, he’s okay because he’s a funny-ass White boy!’ ‘Oh, he’s all right because he’s a down-ass White dude!’ ‘Oh, she’s not a bad author because she can write better than some of these Black authors!’ I’m just wondering, you’re so concerned about who I’m sleeping with, but you have no qualms with Justin Timberlake coming into our culture, using it to his benefit, and sharing the wealth he derives with his White wife and child who will ultimately benefit? When’s the last time he’s spoken out about racial inequality? The same goes for that Australian rapper, and that Canadian kid. There have been numerous shootings and they all have been silent like the G in lasagna.”

“You’re concerned about who’s in my bed yet you have Becky and her friends stealing our African-American Vernacular English. I hear them all the time going, ‘Yassss!’ and talking about the swag they have. They’re talking about how something is so lit and their baes. They’re bad bitches on fleek. Like, OMG, that is so ghetto!” She spoke in a Valley girl voice as the hosts chuckled. Yet, are they in the streets marching with us? Are they hashtagging Black lives matter? Are they frequenting any Black businesses? Furthermore, do they have any Black friends? But they love some Black dick, don’t they?

“And then I get the whole, ‘Well, you’re not pro-Black because X. You’re not pro-Black because of Y.’ If I think I’m pro-Black, I am. How I feel about my Blackness isn’t determined on your opinion about me. The last time I checked, opinions don’t pay bills. I don’t live for you. I never have and I never will. It’s a competition nowadays to see who is the most pro-Black and there’s a checklist that one needs to follow. It’s stupid and also, it’s counterproductive.

“Now, not all Black men are like this. I’m referring to a small number of them. They are small, but boy, they are vocal. And they’re usually the ones on my social media pages. They’re the ones listening to this interview and probably tweeting at me right now because they think I made a generalization of all. They’re the ones who will purposely take what I said out of context and use it against me, saying, ‘Well, those are your words.’ And they are the ones who will do whatever they can to break me down because they feel I’m somehow inflicting pain on them, when really, I’m trying to help.

“So Marjorie, to answer your question, why am I in the streets protesting for Black men? Because despite those assholes I just mentioned, some good ones out there need my help. And those are the ones I fight for.”


The explosive Part 3 will be out this summer.

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