#TeaserTuesday: War

“Now, there’s one more thing we do need to handle,” Scott began, “I need to know how you feel about your ex-wife.”

Eli shook his head. “I don’t understand.”

“Faith is in vendetta mode, which means she’s capable of anything. She may not have leaked the story but her slow response to it tells me she gave the okay to whoever did.” Scott explained. “Therefore, we need to make sure she doesn’t feel she can do a little bit more with some other things.”

“What do you want us to do?” Tony asked. “We can’t just go up to her and tell her to stop?”

“Even if we could, she wouldn’t listen,” Kieran shook his head, “and it’ll just add more fuel to the fire.”

“The only people Faith needs to talk to, at this point, are her parents and her attorney.” Scott advised. “It would behoove all of you to ban communication until this is settled. This also goes for your wives.” He turned back to Eli. “I need an answer from you.”

“Does it matter?” Eli shrugged.

“Actually, it does,” Scott leaned back into his chair, “if you still care about the mother of your children, it’ll tell me how to proceed in protecting your brand without any damage to hers. I’ll still fire a warning shot just so she knows she won’t pull this stunt again.”

“And if he doesn’t?” Joey asked.

“I will destroy her,” Scott said nonchalantly.

The ice in Scott’s tone caught Eli by surprise and he glanced up at him. “Destroy her? On what? The only thing in Faye’s…” He paused and swallowed his emotions. “…the only thing in Faith’s past are parking tickets.”

“He’s not talking Faith in particular,” Nick chimed in, “Scott’s referring to her father.”

“Famous preacher of a megachurch will have a lot of buried secrets…” Joey began.

Eli shook his head and held up a hand. “Whoa, whoa, whoa…hold up now.” Things were very rocky between Eli and Faith, but he couldn’t in his right mind go after David, especially after what the older gentleman had done for him. “Are you serious now?”

“Eli, you hired me to protect your brand, save your reputation, and put your ex-wife and her people in check. You did not hire me to play patty cake with them,” Scott’s tone hardened. “That being said, how you feel about Faith will determine my course of action. If your question is how would I be able to sleep at night after destroying another human being, the answer is very well.”


I guess Scott learned a thing or two from Sanora and Jay…

War is the follow-up to Where I Wanna Be and Love and prequel to Nothing Even Matters. Release date TBA.

5 thoughts on “#TeaserTuesday: War

  1. Chriss Crooks-Rocha says:

    WTH…. Scott don’t be messing with the preacher. Alright Vera, looks like some shit is about to erupt!! Wait a minute, let me get my popcorn!

  2. Keisha says:

    Oh my I can’t wait for this book…. sheesh so many unanswered questions will be answered I might have to go back and reread sheesh I am on pins and needles! Let my soap opera begin……….

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