#ThrowbackThursday: Love (D’Amato Brothers 5)

Love large

“Now lean over until your comfortable,” Eli guided his girlfriend as she straddled him, “and do a rocking motion.”

Faith followed her boyfriend’s lead and slightly leaned over him, while he guided her hips. She was on spring break from college and spent the entire week having sex with her boyfriend. He introduced her to porn, sex toys, and massage oil. She was officially turned out.

Now he introduced her to new positions. She loved it when he was on top of her but her favorite was when he was behind her. She loved how he took control of her body and mind. She’d especially loved it when he held one of her arms behind her back as he thrust into her from behind.

This time, howver, he wanted her on top.

Her girlfriends told her how many wonderful orgasms they had while being on top and Faith was curious enough to try. She felt self-conscious being on top and so exposed. Being so vulnerable and emotional; almost ashamed. Once Eli told her she had nothing to be afraid of, her inner vixen came out.

Her pussy clamped down on his shaft as they passionately kissed. Oh, she didn’t know if she would ever get used to his thick cock. The only man she’d ever been with and his cock was well above average. She was blessed in many ways her girlfriends weren’t.

“Eli,” she cooed as she buried her face into his neck. Eli took the lead and drove upward into her.

“Baby, your pussy feels so good,” he moaned as he guided her faster on him. He wrapped his arms around her back and placed soft kisses on her neck. “Fuck, you feel like heaven.”

“I’m about to come…”Faith panted as she rocked hard. “I’m about to…oh God, oh God…”

“Ooh, come on, baby girl…”

“Fuck!” Her world shattered as she collapsed on top of him with Eli soon following her.

They laid in that position, spent, and did not move for a long while. “Can we just stay like this forever?” Faith laughed.

“Forever, I’m yours.” He promised.

That was only 12 years ago. It felt like forever but to Eli, it seemed like it just happened yesterday.

“I’m never getting married again,” Eli suddenly spoke as the memory faded into the background.

“Oh, it’s not that bad,” Joey replied.

“How would you know?” Eli asked. “You don’t even want to get married.”

“Well, Kieran and Nick like that shit so I figured it can’t be that bad.”

Eli never cared about online gossip before and he certainly didn’t start when he became a pseudo-celebrity. Whenever a celebrity scandal broke out, he knew just as well as anyone, it was a one-sided sordid affair. Magazines and gossip boards catered to those who were ‘in the know’ and had screaming headlines to anyone willing to shell out dollars or worst yet, their time to read.

Eli wasn’t even a bit curious.

Him being in a bubble only intensified the media’s thirst for more answers and scoop on what went down between him and Faith. Work went on as scheduled at Madre’s as well as TV production. All future interviews were granted with a stern warning to not ask about the split. Madre’s employees were under strict rules to not say a word of what they knew or thought they knew or termination was guaranteed.

Just as the story erupted, it disappeared when a new celebrity scandal hit. It was perfect – How to Shut the Media Down 101.

He still had the issue of talking to Faith and coming to a reasonable agreement to their separation. Since he’d announced it to the world, Eli barely slept and his chest pinched in anger whenever he thought about his wife. No, that wasn’t good. He couldn’t be angry at the mother of his children, no matter how hurt he was. He needed to get over it and act like an adult, even if the child in him wanted throw the biggest tantrum.

It had been several long months since the split and while Eli informally took care of Faith, it was time to get everything in writing. They were no closer in working out their marriage than before and thoughts of divorce crossed Eli’s mind more than ever. It was partially why he suggested they met at his lawyer’s office in Manhattan instead of hashing out the agreement at their former shared home. He didn’t want to be on the receiving end of an angry Faith and a kitchen full of knives.

“I’m glad we’re all here together,” Eli’s lawyer, Sebastian, greeted everyone. On one side was Eli, Joey, and Nicola. On the other, it was Faith, her father, and their lawyer. Faith and Eli didn’t even look at each other. “I drafted a separation agreement and I hope it would be beneficial to both parties. Eli suggested he was open to a few suggestions but not too many so let’s not get carried away. Faith, you can take a look at this agreement and let me know if that’s to your liking.”

Faith read over the agreement and had no issue when it came to joint custody and child support. Her heart stopped when she came to the last amendment. “If we divorce, I can no longer go by Faith D’Amato?” She looked up at the D’Amatos across from her. “What’s that about?”

“It was a suggestion by Eli here,” Sebastian began, “we all feel that it’s best for all parties and…”

You suggested this?” Faith spoke directly to her ex, who met her stare for the first time that morning. “How dare you?”

“How dare me?” Eli scoffed. “Yes, because I’m the one still playing LOL smiley face with my ex.”

“Well, if you hadn’t fucked your ex, Darren would’ve never existed!” Faith’s voice raised and her father calmed her down. “No, he wants me to give up my last name because he’s mad at me. Just be honest, Eli! You’re mad that I was with Darren and there’s a comparison for now on!”

“This meeting is over,” Eli got up and buttoned his suit. “I’ll see you all at the shop.”

“You’re not leaving until you answer me!” Faith stood up and Eli stopped walking. “You will not do this to me!”

“You want an answer, I’ll give you one!” Eli yelled. “I’m ashamed. There? Happy? I’m ashamed I had the affair. I’m ashamed I forced you into another man’s bed. I’m ashamed I wasn’t good enough for you forgive me despite all of the goddamn therapy and prayer! You like that answer? Is that answer good enough for you? You busted my balls for the past two years and you finally got exactly what the fuck you wanted, Faith! You didn’t want to be married to me anymore and you wanted the fucking quarterback, well, you can have his sorry ass for all I care! I’m done here!

“In case you’re wondering, I protected you from having those photos printed!” Faith’s mouth dropped upon hearing the news. “Yeah, you didn’t know about that, didn’t you? One of my friends who works at the Post came to me with those photos and I asked her not to print them. How do you think that would’ve looked in the press? Famous preacher’s married daughter on a date with another man? Innocent Faith getting even with her husband in public?

“I’m giving you the car, the house, and more money than you know what to do with every month. All I’m asking in return is that I want my last name back. And then you’re going to tell me I have some nerve?” Eli smiled. “No, you do!” He slammed the door on his way out.

“Well, I guess we’re done here,” Joey got up and gathered his things. “I guess we’ll be in touch.” He helped his mother up and they began to leave.

“Nicola,” David Sheppard called after her, “ a word, please?”

Nicola nodded and turned to her son. “Go after your brother.” Joey left before Nicola addressed the reverened. “How may I help you, Pastor?”

“I don’t want to choose sides because I feel both of our children are at fault. I have told Faith many times I disagreed with her stance but, well, you know how stubborn she is.” David defended.

“Pastor, you don’t have to defend your daughter. You and the First Lady raised her well and brought her up right. How she is behaving now doesn’t erase what you’ve done,” Nicola replied. “Same goes for Eli. His mistake doesn’t erase everything he’s done. They’re both young in age and attitude. This is something they need to figure out and we shouldn’t get involved.”

“I couldn’t agree with you more,” David breathed an air of relief. “I wanted you to know where we stood.”

“Pastor, there’s a Bible verse I like – 1 Peter 4:8.”

“Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers a multitude of sins,” he answered.

Nicola patted the reverend’s hand. “Our children love each other very much, though they’re both too angry and too hurt to admit it. Once the anger dissipates, the love will come through. They’ll be back together before the yearlong separation is up. I’m sure of it.” She then left the conference room with Sebastian.

David returned to the table with Faith and their lawyer. “What was that about?” Faith asked.

David smiled. “Just two adults praying for their children. That’s all.”