#ThrowbackThursday: Nothing Even Matters


“Jeremy, let’s go check out that restaurant I wanted to go to,” Faith yelled from the bathroom. “Jeremy?” She walked back out to the living room and saw Jeremy sleeping butt naked in the same chair he just fucked her in.

“Or we can just stay in…” She sighed. She shook her head and retreated to the bedroom where she quickly got dressed. She took extra time to do her hair and makeup. Ever since her relationship with Jeremy, Faith’s profile had increased and she never knew when TMZ was lurking in the corners.

Her stomach gnawed at her and Faith quickly went to the kitchen to get a small snack before she left. The cupboards were empty apart from fitness shakes, other protein-related snack, and shit Faith knew she was not interested. It wasn’t a complete surprise. Jeremy didn’t keep a lot of food inside when he had to travel for long stretches of time. Okay, so she had to go grocery shopping while she was out. She could do that.

She began making a list and opened the refrigerator to get an idea on what she needed. She sighed as she saw she was going to need everything. Fucking great. She decided to treat Jeremy to a homemade meal. “What can I make…?” She quietly spoke. “…what can I…” Faith’s body froze as stillness took over. The flashback hit her like a ton of bricks.

“So, this is what I have for lunch!” She proudly opened her refrigerator door and showed Eli all of her Lean Cuisines. “So just grab which one you want.”

Eli eyeballed the frozen food and blinked several times. He paid for Faith’s apartment and bills, even contributing to her tuition. Yet, she had no food in her shared apartment with her best friend, Krista.

He wanted to ask where the money went but he already knew – she was wearing it. She recently sported a new pair of boots. “We’re going grocery shopping.” He grabbed her hand and led them to the parked Range Rover.

After spending a small fortune at the store, Eli and Faith came back to her apartment where he taught her how to cook spaghetti with homemade sauce. “Don’t ever buy that store bought bullshit,” Eli’s deep baritone warned his girlfriend. He concentrated on chopping up the parsley. He sprinkled some in the sauce followed by a pinch of oregano and basil. “You don’t know what the hell they put in it and it’s not real Italian.”

“I don’t know how to cook, Eli.” Faith watched her boyfriend in the kitchen. Jodeci’s “I’m Still Waiting” played in the background and she nursed a small glass of wine. It was so sexy to see him cook. She was getting aroused just by looking at him.

“I’m about to teach you,” he beckoned her over to him, and Faith followed his lead. He stood behind her and placed a tomato in front of her. “Feel the tomato. Feel how soft and ripe it is.”

Eli’s deep voice feathered against Faith’s earlobe and she licked her lips. She smelled his musky cologne and felt all of him pressed against her. “Uh-huh.”

“You want to love it and take care of it,” he grabbed a knife. He placed Faith’s hand over the tomato while his hand covered hers. “You want to be gentle with it. It’s going into your body, giving you life and nourishment.” He gently began to cut the tomato. “See? Like that, baby girl? You have to treat your body like the temple it is and not fill it with bullshit. Your body will forever hate you for it.”

Faith softly bit her lip and nodded. Only Eli could make her aroused by cutting a tomato. “Only good inside me.”

“Only,” he finished cutting the tomato, “the best for my Faye.” He set down the knife and turned Faith around. He lifted her against the wall and she wrapped her legs around his waist. He somehow managed to get his jeans undone and his hardened shaft jutted out. He pulled Faith’s panties to the side and swiftly entered her.

Faith loudly moaned as Eli pushed more into her, filling her completely as her slick heat wrapped around his thickness. She moaned with each stroke as she wrapped her arms around his neck. “Eli,” she cried as he began to thrust faster. Every stroke ripped moans from Faith; sounds she didn’t know she had long-buried inside her.

Eli’s thrusts were deliberate, hard, and slow. He spoke in Italian with each thrust, claiming Faith with each movement as she moaned and clawed at his back. “You feel so good, Faye.” He whispered.

He felt the small flutters inside her and knew she was close. She contracted tighter around his shaft and the feeling drove him nuts. He loved how she became totally raw and primal with him, as if that was only a side of her she reserved just for him. His good girl gone bad. “You’re about to come for me? Do it. Come all over me, baby girl.”

“Oh my God!” Faith screamed as her body convulsed. Eli thrust a few more times inside her before he climaxed as well.

He rested his forehead against hers. He swept his lips across hers, gently playing with her tongue. “Now we can start making the pasta.”

“Tomatoes,” Faith said aloud as the memory dissipated, “I’m going to need tomatoes.”



Nothing Even Matters is available on Amazon, iBookstore, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and select local libraries.

War will be out later this spring.

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  1. carolynyp2 says:

    I’m kind of new to this series. I read the Nanny a few years ago but I didn’t realize it was a series. I discovered Where I Want To Be, about a month ago and have read the rest of the series so far. The Eli and Faith books are my favorite. There’s something about their story that has stayed with me and believe me that rarely happens. I must admit I didn’t like Eli in the first book but I really like him now. Some of the readers thought Faith was weak in the first book but, I disagree. Romance books rarely show the hero of the story being unfaithful to his wife, but to me, I think you’re saying that love isn’t always easy but you have to be willing to work together in order to keep that love. Looking forward to your next book.

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