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“Yo, if you want to talk about chemistry? Let’s talk about McNulty and Bunk, for a minute. One scene and they only said a variation of fuck. You cannot get more brilliant than that!” Tony exclaimed. “Do you honestly think people are still talking about a controversial scene from Breaking Bad? No. Why? Because no one cares about a white dude who has terminal cancer and wants to see the world burn. If anyone praises Breaking Bad the same way they praise The Wire, it’s a clear bias. Fuck outta here.”

Krista giggled. Tony was always so passionate about his shows. His DVR recordings were sometimes astronomical and she wondered if he had any time at all to watch through all of them. It then occurred to Krista, Tony had time for everything that interested him.

Including her.

“So, where he is tonight?” Tony finally asked between bites.

Krista lightly shrugged. “He had a business meeting to attend to so there’s that.” She loved Marc’s hustle and in turn, that made her hungry for more. She also hated how lonely she became in the process. He always made up for his absence in the forms of lavish gifts and trips.

Krista soon realized while she might have been materialistic in the past, she most certainly wasn’t in the present or future. A closet full of designer wear meant nothing if the man giving them to her was always gone. “I’ll see him when he gets back.”

“The most romantic day of the year and he’s not with his girl?” He held her hand and softly kissed it. “Shame. I would’ve never left you alone tonight.”

Tony’s declaration sent a shiver down to Krista’s spine, causing all sorts of pinpoints prickling up on her skin. “I thought you hated me, though.”

Tony slowly leaned back into his seat and licked his lips. “Once upon a time.”


I should note people should pay close attention to some details in this book. It reveals several storylines regarding Eli and Faith.

One More Chance is available NOW. To purchase, click here.

It’ll be on Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and other select sites soon. Will post when it becomes available there.


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  1. ririjam says:

    Loved it! Yep! I caught the clues…interesting. You would think at the beginning of their reconciliation (in your last book about them), they both would have learned her lesson. Well, I hope they get together. I’m rooting for them

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