#TeaserTuesday: Pressedt and Shook – WIP #contemporary #romance

“I get it, Krista. I truly do. You were used to being dogged out, you couldn’t think for a moment that someone with my reputation would change. I get it. That’s why when you went through my phone, I didn’t say anything. When you demanded you smell my dick, I thought, ‘Wow, my girl is kinky and weird as all shit. I kinda dig this’ but I didn’t say anything. Because I knew you had some trust issues from your past and I was determined to prove to you I wasn’t like the others.

“And it’s kinda funny when you think about it. I remember this one guy you dated; this supposed “baller.” He always made excuses for why he had to cancel dates, why your weekend trips were always short, why he had to do this and he had to do that. He was so busy trying to build his brand, he couldn’t afford to call you back?

“Our family could’ve been like those other numerous lottery winners. We could’ve blown through the money and be back where we started. Luckily, God felt otherwise for us. The money my mother gave me, I tripled due to my hard work and Joey’s business acumen. Eli designed the flyers and business cards. K and Nicky spread the word amongst their friends about their little brother doing hair cuts. I had a brand before I even opened my first shop.

“And guess what? I’m at a two-star Michelin-rated restaurant, spending an ungodly amount of money on food and services with a woman I still love, even though I shouldn’t,” he revealed a slow and sexy smile, “and I have all of the time in the world for her but she playin’.”


Honestly, I’m not sure if this is the actual title but I’m keeping it for now.

A D’Amato Brothers short story coming by the end of this month. Next post will be release date and details on where to purchase.

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