#SundaySnippet: Stronger than Pride #romance #contemporary


The erection he ignored so they could have a serious talk, bounced with anticipation. He smelled the coconut and berries concoction of her naturally curly hair, felt the softness of her body against his, and had an insatiable yearning that couldn’t be controlled.

Scott turned Mariana around and hoisted her on top of the marble kitchen island as he stood between her soft thighs. He looked into the depths of her brown eyes and felt his detached manner melt away. She brought out the youthfulness within him, while he challenged her in many ways she didn’t know existed.

“Everything about you is so perfect,” he slowly pulled the boyshorts over her thighs and down her legs, “you get me so hard.”

Mariana gulped. Twice. The arousal Scott created within her made her feel like a sex-starved nympho who needed a fix. She reached down, stroked Scott’s hardened length, and smiled as it bounced in her hands. She helped him pull down his sweats and his shaft jutted out at her. It glistened with sweat and him, and Mariana felt her mouth water.

“Yummy,” she licked her lips.

“It has your name written all over it,” his lips found her neck and softly licked it, “and only your name on it.”


Have you picked up your copy? Stronger than Pride is available on Amazon and Smashwords. Release date TBA on Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and select local libraries (check your local one).

Thank you for all of your support! I should also say THANK YOU for supporting the first non-erotic Scott & Mariana story. This will be how the remaining books will be written so I’m very glad to see there’s still a lot of love and interest. Very, very touched.

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9 thoughts on “#SundaySnippet: Stronger than Pride #romance #contemporary

  1. Lady2dot says:

    Love love love these characters. I also enjoy the back stories with all of your books. Thanks for your talent.

  2. Musings IRJ says:

    Non-erotic? Girl, this book was exotic as hell, Lmao! No, it didn’t have the BDSM, but it was sexy and erotic without beating you over the head with it. I really love this aspect of S&M’s relationship.

    • veraroberts says:

      LOL, what I meant was it wasn’t vulgar. I’ve recently discovered I don’t like reading vulgar romances anymore, which translates to I really don’t want to write them neither. I have to say writing Breakaway and Feeling Some Type of Way helped solidify that.

      But there was BDSM in Stronger than Pride. There were actually two BDSM scenes! The story was more character development than BDSM.

      • Musings IRJ says:

        That was mild compared to previous stories, but I love this new direction. This is probably one of the most slept on series in all of romance. But everybody can’t handle all the layers that accompany these characters.

    • veraroberts says:

      I really love seeing Mariana’s growth within the serial. She went from being a money-spending, paycheck to paycheck living housemaid to corporate sista who has her own. It’s not about how you start but how you finish…

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