Sometimes, people will tell you without actually saying it, they’re good.
The slow sales and lack of reviews of the latest S&M (Stronger than Pride) is good indication the series is done. It’s been a crazy six years but I think it’s time to end the series on a good note.  I’m very proud of the last story and I gave the characters a happy ending.
I’m working on a YA that features S&M as parents so I can actually continue the series when it jumps way ahead into the future, though the book is catered more towards teens.
S&M IV will be scheduled as planned – a Jay and Sanora story. Because I’m going into a different direction, I’m not sure when that book will be out. 
But hey, at least the final story isn’t a cliffhanger! LOL.
So stay tuned! Lots more to come! Thank you all for all of the support. 
And to those who have read and reviewed every single S&M story, let me know because I’ll create a special project just for you that would require me having your mailing address.