#FlashFriday: Super Rich Kids #YA


It was the familiar look Coco was used to – a bunch of rich and preppy kids who couldn’t believe the black girl in front of them was a hi-level computer hacker.

No girl wakes up one day and decides it’s time to become one of the most respected and feared computer hackers in the world. It started innocently enough. Her stepmother enrolled her in coding classes at the local community college. From there, the fascination with computers grew.

Coco didn’t know how it came to be that she was an official hacker but she did know after realizing she can find just about anything she wanted on the world wide web if she tried hard enough, she was officially unstoppable. She could find anything, anyone, and pretty much anywhere.

That is, for the right price.

She didn’t have to get a regular job due to her father’s wealth. But she didn’t want to be like some of her friends with celebrity parents who boasted about their status via social media and reality TV.

So, she became engrossed in computers. She created a persona, PharanØid (pronounced paranoid). “PharanØid” was the typical internet user – a native of 4Chan, favorite video game was Skyrim, loved heavy metal – especially Black Sabbath – and had a Mountain Dew addiction.

“PharanØid,” of course, was lily white.

It worked in spectacular perfection. Even when those tried to hack into her computer to find out more details about who “PharanØid” was, Coco was always ten steps ahead. She quickly learned how to hold someone’s computer information hostage if they kept playing with her. She became a very rich teenager by people’s stupidity.

Including the ones in front of her.

She lightly yawned and looked around the fresh Beverly Hills sky. She had other things she could’ve been doing but instead she was humoring Dumb Ass 1 and Dumb Ass 2 while she tried to keep the side-eye she wanted to give Ryan at bay. If he were as stupid as these idiots he brought with him, no wonder he kept striking out with her best friend, Olivia.

“Are you sure you can change my grade to a B?” Dumb Ass 1 asked.

Coco sipped her iced caramel macchiato and wondered why she had to repeat herself for the fifteenth time. “Yes,” she answered flatly.

“Are you sure sure?” Dumb Ass 2 asked.

“What kind of fu—” Coco rolled her mouth inward. “Yes, I’m sure sure.” She turned to her friend. “Check your boy before I do it.”

Ryan let out a small breath. “Guys, Coco is one of the best in the world. She knows her stuff. Trust me, she can hack into just about any system.”

Dumb Ass 1 rubbed his chin. “I don’t believe it.”

“Then I’m wasting my time,” Coco stood up and gathered her coffee. She threw up the peace sign to Ryan. “It’s been real, yo.”

“Coco, wait!” Ryan rushed over to her. They talked at a private distance away from the guys. “These are big clients for us. They have a lot of money and their friends have money.”

“Yo, the money ain’t an issue, Ry.” Coco softly replied. “You and I both know if I looked like your Malibu Ken ass, they wouldn’t be questioning my credentials. Holler at me when they’re serious.”

“Coco, please?” Ryan begged and she rolled her eyes. “Let me talk to them just a bit longer. Please, Coco? You’re really helping me out here. I just need a bit more time.”

Coco softly chuckled. “Magical Negro.”

“Wait, what?”

“The Magical Negro is a fictional character that helps the white character – usually a white guy who can pretty much figure shit on his own but refuses to because he’s either too stupid or just plain old lazy as fuck – realize the error of his ways in such examples like The Green Mile, Legend of Bagger Vance, and my personal favorite, Ghost.” Coco began to imitate Tarzan. “You, lazy white boy. Me, Magical Negro.”


Get to know Coco and the rest of the crew when Super Rich Kids drops next month. For real, this time.

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