#SundaySnippet: Stronger than Pride #romance #contemporary






Scott turned Mariana around and hoisted her on top of the marble kitchen island as he stood between her soft thighs. He looked into the depths of her brown eyes and felt his detached manner melt away. She brought out the youthfulness within him, while he challenged her in many ways she didn’t know existed.

“Everything about you is so perfect,” he slowly pulled the boyshorts over her thighs and down her legs, “you get me so hard.”

Mariana gulped. Twice. The arousal Scott created within her made her feel like a sex-starved nympho who needed a fix. She reached down, stroked Scott’s hardened length, and smiled as it bounced in her hands. She helped him pull down his sweats and his shaft jutted out at her. It glistened with sweat and him, and Mariana felt her mouth water.

“Yummy,” she licked her lips.

“It has your name written all over it,” his lips found her neck and softly licked it, “and only your name on it.”

Mariana gasped when she felt Scott insert a finger, then two inside her and slowly stroked her. She was already hot and ready for him. His lips crushed hers and Mariana immediately felt the tension and stress melt away. He tasted of ice cream, slightly salty and sweet, but mixed with a flavor that was all his.

As Scott’s fingers worked their magic on Mariana’s sex, his lips did overtime. He kissed all over her neck, down to her chest, and trailed his tongue along her chin before he met her lips again.

The feeling was overwhelming and Mariana didn’t know what to concentrate on more – the possessive yet gentle nature of his wonderful tongue or his magical fingers that knew how to stroke her just right.

She felt his thumb on her pearl and Mariana almost did a praise break in the name of Jesus. Any shred of dignity had long left her as she loudly moaned. It was too much, it was just right.

She felt his warm breath on her neck while his soft lips kissed every hot spot she had. She was wide open for him, physically and emotionally. He’d never pressured her to do anything and all he wanted to do was just love her.

He took a major step in trusting her, something he never did with any woman. Now she needed to trust him. It took them a long time to get to where they are and neither wanted to mess it up.


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