#TeaserTuesday: Stronger than Pride


It was a little after seven when Mariana finally arrived at the Sentiment restaurant. She pulled up to the valet and met with the maître’d inside. He led her to Scott’s private booth, where he stood up to greet his girlfriend.

It was a small gesture but a large one to Mariana. Scott Reed was always the quintessential gentleman no matter where he was or who he was with.

After not seeing him all day – come to think of it, Mariana hadn’t seen him in the past couple of days – she needed to see her man. As she took stock of Scott’s attire, his standard open collar dress shirt with dark slacks and matching blazer, Mariana felt a yearning bubble underneath her skin.

Scott had a quiet, yet powerful raw sexuality. He was considered one of the most powerful men in the world and he never had to step into the realm of politics. He ruled the advertising world and he wasn’t even 40 yet.

His hunger to be the best was inspirational. Scott was known to ruthless in closed meetings but his generosity made up for it. He was a philanthropist who often donated millions of his money to help others.

He greeted her with a sensual kiss and Mariana swore she heard the hearts break of women with their dates who sat near them. Scott’s green eyes flickered with a satiated sensuality and lust, as if he was slightly annoyed he had to have dinner when his real meal was standing before him.

“Baby,” his Southern drawl came out like a moan. His soft, warm breath blew against her neck. “How are you?”

Mariana shivered under his touch and softly bit her lip. She felt the softness of his beard nuzzled against her cheek as his strong hands held her lithe waist. The soft murmurs of the restaurant seemed to have quieted around them, as if they were the only two people that existed on earth.

His body emanated power, protection, and promise; he wielded all three carefully. She felt safe, happy, and secure within his embrace and touch.

He towered over her, strong and undeniably masculine, with a swag only he had. His cologne was earthy and clean. Mariana briefly glanced up at him and was mesmerized by his beauty. Yes, Scott Reed was a beautiful man and he knew it as well.

It was why he wore the finest suits. It was why he was happy in just a t-shirt he’d picked up from Target. Everything looked good on him. “You look the best on me, though,” he once said to her as she was on top of him.


This book is coming out very soon. Like, very, very soon. The next post will more than likely be a cover reveal and links to purchase.

I’ll also have an extended preview on wattpad with more chapters within the next few days. I’ll give the link once it’s ready.

Pay close attention to this book because it’ll set up the following:

State of Affairs 3

S&M IV, Part 2

Breakaway series, book 6

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  1. Chriss Crooks-Rocha says:

    Lawd imma use all my vacation time before summer get here messing around with you Vera!! But I will be glued to my emails waiting for a release date!! #lurking👀👀

  2. tratasmaria says:

    Oh hello, can’t wait….. is there any chance that Kobo will be selling this book? There are times they are slow on release dates or don’t have it at all and I need to source elsewhere. So Ove your style of writing – can’t get enough. A happy fan of yours from down under in Australia. 🙂

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