#TeaserTuesday: Stronger than Pride

“Now I definitely know you were very popular back in college!” An employee commented.

Scott smiled and shook his head as his fingers played on the ivories. “Thou shall not speak of the past.”

A small group of employees, mostly female, gathered around Scott as he played a little on the grand piano between the conference rooms. Once Mariana and Chris were done with their meeting, they joined him at the piano.

“Are you classically trained?” An employee asked.

“Unfortunately, yes,” Scott chuckled, “I was forced to play piano growing up. Hated every moment of it. Now I can appreciate it.”

“Did you know he could play the piano?” Chris whispered to Mariana.

“He has one at his home but I honestly thought it was just a fancy decoration for pictures,” she shrugged, “I’ve never seen him play it at all.”

“Learn something new every day, huh?” Chris asked.

Seeing Scott playing the piano caused crazy emotions within Mariana. She didn’t know if she overwhelmed with love or lust. “No kidding.”

“Let’s switch it up a little,” Scott stopped playing Beethoven and stretched his fingers, “do you recognize this song?” He began playing a different tune.

“I know this white boy ain’t playing ‘Can You Stand the Rain?’” A black female employee whispered to another.

“This was one of the first commercial songs I had to learn,” Scott began to play another song. “It wasn’t by a music teacher. I wanted to impress a girlfriend of mine.”

“Is that the Force MD’s?” Anika folded her arms.

“Tender Love,” Stephanie mouthed the lyrics. “Still one of my favorite songs.”

“Now this song I’m about to play…” Scott paused for a brief moment. “…to answer your question, Daniel, this was the song that made me popular back in college.” He began playing again.

“Oh. M. Fucking. Gee.” Stephanie replied. “Is he really playing Guy?”

There was silence when a soulful voice started singing. It occurred to Mariana the soulful voice came from Scott. She walked closer to the piano and felt her ovaries go into overdrive. As Scott sang, he only made eye contact with her.

Suddenly the room felt empty and it was only the two of them in the large building. As “Piece of my Love” came out of Scott’s voice, she knew it wasn’t just a song and he wasn’t singing just because.

Scott had declared to everyone he belonged to Mariana and only her.

A raw and emotional energy’d circulated between the two of them. As Scott told Mariana she could have all of him, Mariana’s heart pounded out of her chest. This man would fight her, for them, and all she had to do was love him.

It was then Mariana realized her Caleb crush was just that. Scott may never be so open with his protests but he showed his love to her in other and more fulfilling ways.

“Scott,” his assistant, Elissa, came over and tapped him on the shoulder, “Coca-Cola is here.”

Scott abruptly stopped and the ladies groaned in disappointment. “Sorry, ladies. Always business, never personal.” He winked at them before he left.

Stephanie and Anika met up with Mariana. “Can you believe what just happened here? Now I know he’s dating a sista! I know he is! I mean, Force MDs? Guy? New Edition? No white girl is bringing that out of him!”

“Hey!” Chrissy gasped. “That’s offensive, thank you very much! Lots of white people like those artists!”

“C’mon, Chrissy,” Anika explained, “if he played Richard Marx, yes, I see your point. I know you’re down with us but you have to admit, he was highly influenced by #teammelanin.”

This scene was highly influenced  by this.

I decided the book is going to be a S&M/State of Affairs crossover since the series are connected.

The book is a standalone. I’m debating how long it’ll be. The release date is approaching super quick so I’ll give more details when that’s available.

State of Affairs 3 will be out later this spring.

S&M IV, Part 2 will be out sometime this year. I think.


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