#SnippetSunday: State of Affairs 3

“Senator Edwards,” the president began, “I heard a lot of interesting things about you.”

Jay’s face remained a blank slate. It was true, Jay was a very interesting person. His entire life could be summed up as one, giant paradox and he saw nothing amiss about his public persona in contrast with his true, private personality.

He did something just about everyone does – a public persona that sells a product and a private one, only a few knew about. It was why he was loved and admired in many and feared in a few.

It was also why he was very vocal about the president’s dangerous behavior and didn’t shy away from distancing himself from the current administration. While everyone saw the now, Jay saw ten to fifteen years down the line. Nothing and no one was going to ruin his White House chances.

Not even President Dewitt.

Jay settled into the Oval Office sofa and stretched his arms across the back. He lazily crossed his legs as a slow smile formed on his lips. This was about to be entertaining.

He immediately noticed President Dewitt’s straightened posture and tension veins in his neck. His eyes faltered between angry and worry. An interesting third emotion – fear – was lurking in the background.

It was going to be that emotion Jay was going to pour all of his focus on.

President Dewitt noticed Jay’s silence and stature. He didn’t say a word. He didn’t roll his eyes. He didn’t do anything other than remain silent. Was the senator honestly challenging him?

“I heard you’re vocal about things I’ve done recently and I wanted to talk to you about them,” the president began, “I wanted to come to an agreement about things.”

“You’re doing things I don’t agree with,” Jay calmly replied with a crisp smile on his face, “that’s all that is.”

Jay’s demeanor made Leonard feel uncomfortable and he felt the younger man almost taunting him. “The GOP is supposed to support each other no matter what.”

“The GOP also needs to call out each other when we’re doing wrong,” Jay softly countered, his blue eyes crinkled with a silent power, “it’s why we were elected. The public wants us to keep each other accountable and speak up when there is wrong.”

“I’m trying to protect this country, senator.”

“You say protect,” Jay’s smile reached up his eyes, “I and many others say ruin.”

Leonard’s stare hardened at Jay. Being nice and cordial was getting no one anywhere. It was time to play hardball. “I heard you’re supporting Briana Gooding’s Congress run.”

Jay remained unbothered and simply blinked. Leonard took his silence as an agreement to continue. “It would be a shame if your constituents would find out you’re supporting a racist terrorist.”

Jay yawned and checked his Jaeger-LeCoultre Gyrotourbillon watch. “Is that all, Mr. President?”

“You might think I’m joking but I assure you I’m not,” Leonard doubled-down, “Jay, if that rumor has any truth to it, I will personally shut you down and I will enjoy every minute of it.”

Jay simply grinned and stood up. He rebuttoned his Ermenegildo Zegna bespoke suit. “Thank you for this meeting, Mr. President,” he held out his hand.

“I’m glad we were able to meet today, Jay,” Leonard stood up, “I hope we’ve come to an understanding with each other.” He reached for Jay’s hand when Jay pulled him close to him and tightened his grip.

“You threaten me one more time like that and I will personally kill every motherfucker in your family from your whore wife to your Aryan Nation children to your youngest that’s bubbling on the spectrum.” Jay’s grip became tighter and Leonard winced at the pain. “Focus on not running the damn country into the ground instead of being butthurt. But if you’re feeling froggy, jump.” Jay released his grip and the bright smile returned to his face. “Pleasure meeting with you, Mr. President. I’m glad we’ve had this talk. I look forward working with you.”


The Notorious J.A.Y.

But you knew Jay was a true savage, tho…

More details on the release date and availability to come soon.

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