#TeaserTuesday: Superpower


The way she walked into the firm, she’d turned heads. She was lithe, but the only thing small about her was her size. She exuded power and wealth.

He watched her from his corner office as he strolled towards him. Dark, round shades covered her eyes as well as a wide-brimmed hat. She carried a Chanel clutch and he was certain her entire ensemble was rather expensive.

She never did anything cheap. Her clothing, her homes, her lifestyle…even the people she’d upgraded all came with a steep price.

They never bothered each other unless it was necessary. It was part of the reason why they meshed. They never had time for mindless bullshit chatter. Get straight to the point and tell me how much this is going to cost. No need to beat around the bush.

Now she was standing in front of him. “Hello, Scott.” Sanora held onto the S.

Advertising wunderkind Scott Reed kissed his mentor’s hand and led her into his office. He closed the door behind him and fixed her a drink. She always had a penchant for whiskey and was one of the few women who did.

“Okay, Scott, I’m done.” A woman came into the main office from the side room. She had blonde hair, a boyish figure, and a rather adventurous tone of voice. “Oh, hello. I didn’t know you had company.”

“Jennifer, this is my mentor, Sanora. Sanora, this is my IT executive, Jennifer.” Scott introduced the women to each other.

“Pleasure to meet you, Jennifer.” Sanora shook the younger woman’s hand.

“Pleasure is all mine!” Jennifer cheered. “I need to head back to my desk now. It was lovely to meet you.” She waved bye as she left.

Sanora waited for the door to close behind before she spoke. “That was a rather colorful individual.”

“That was Jerry.” Scott caught himself. “I’m sorry, Jennifer. She’s transitioning.”

Scott was a Southerner who was liberal in some aspects but very conservative in many others. “I’m honestly surprised you’re that open-minded to hire a trans person,” Sanora smiled.

“I knew her as Jerry, and she was honest she was transitioning. I asked if it was going to affect her work at all and she said no, so I told her spare me the details.” He waved a hand in the air. “I’m going to be honest, I still don’t get it but it’s not my place to judge.”

“Good for you and good for her.” Sanora was pleased. “But I’m here for something else.”

“Ah, yes.” Scott took a sip of whiskey and set the tumbler down. “Caleb Kelly.”

“I need someone to handle Caleb’s PR. He’s being pulled in many different directions and I need someone to push him into the right direction.”

“There’s a reason you chose this firm, though,” Scott replied, “you could’ve chosen any firm out there and you chose this one.”

“Your firm has a diversity that cannot be matched. There is literally something for everyone here. Straight, gay, trans. Black, White, Latino, Asian. Male, Female. You have everything and that’s what I like about it.” Sanora sensually grinned. “But I’m here for a specific person.”


“You’re brilliant, Scott. The campaigns you come up with and approve are amazing. I really enjoyed what you did with Sydney and Dean Winchester. But I need someone different for Caleb.”

“You need someone who’s not White?” He replied.

“Preferably and we both know why.” Sanora slowly blinked and smiled at her former lover. “I need someone to soften his image. I need someone to tell him it’s okay to post about police brutality and talk about the vegetarian pasta he had the other night. I need someone to balance him and handle his accounts.”

“I have a list of employees who can do just that,” Scott replied, “this would be the perfect setting for any of them.”

“I don’t want just any of them,” Sanora turned to her protégé. “I want Mariana to handle Caleb.”

“My girlfriend?” Scott blinked at her.

“A Black woman needs to handle Caleb’s account and I chose her for that reason. She’s smart, beautiful, and articulate. She can be his eyes and ears while he focuses on football.” Scott’s face was blank and Sanora sensed there was an underlying issue. “Is that a problem?” She inquired.

“No,” Scott supported Mariana’s newfound activism from a silent perspective. He wasn’t sure how he felt about her bringing it home. “I’ll talk to her about it today.”


Superpower (State of Affairs #2) is out now. Part 3 will be out this spring.

A new Scott & Mariana book will be out in a few weeks. More details to come.