#FlashFriday: Untitled #romance #contemporary

Yeah, I still don’t know where this scene is going to go. Again, it’ll either show up in State of Affairs 3 or a new Scott & Mariana book.

Oh, I’m actively working on the YA. Click here for more details.


Unedited Snippet:

“I respect what you said but I don’t respect your protest.”

Caleb nodded. How could a White Southerner understand a Black man’s plight in everyday America? “I’m sorry you feel that way.”

“I’m sorry you had to do a publicity stunt,” Scott added and Caleb raised an eyebrow. “But that’s why we were hired.”

“Publicity stunt?” Caleb replied. “There’s absolutely nothing I’ve done that equates to it being a publicity stunt. I wouldn’t get death threats and comments telling me to go back to Africa if publicity was all I wanted.”

Scott shook his head. Caleb had a lot to learn. “I checked your background before your protest. Not a word, not a dollar to many organizations for the people you claim to be fighting for. Since your protest, however, you’re everybody’s favorite nephew.”

“Sometimes it’s not about how long I was asleep but when I decided to wake up,” Caleb retorted. “Some are still asleep. Some feel if they have Black friends, and a Black girlfriend, that’s all the support they will give.”

Scott noticed the dig Caleb gave. If this was the game he wanted to play…“What does Black Lives Matter mean to you?”

Caleb scoffed. So, Scott was challenging him. This was rich. “Are you serious now?”

“I’m serious as cancer,” Scott flatly said. “What does Black Lives Matter mean to you?”

“It means we all matter. It means we should be treated fairly based on our character and not our skin color. Everything the world knows is because a black person created it first. Every music genre originated from black people. Every pop culture reference and slang originated with us first. We’re cool, hip, and down but when it comes to equal rights, all of a sudden people have nothing to say. They love our culture but they don’t love us. Black Lives Matter means we’re more than just for entertainment value and purposes; our lives and livelihoods matter as well.”

“When you say Black Lives Matter do you mean for everyone?” Scott asked.

“Yes,” Caleb held his stance. “Everyone. Is that a problem for you?”

“No, but it’s a problem for you.” Scott’s eyes hardened. “If you’re going to be about that justice and equality spiel for everyone, you need it to be for everyone. It can’t be for people you pick and choose because you don’t care for them or you don’t agree with their lifestyle. I’ve notice you and many others are hesitant to say anything regarding Black women and the LGBTQ deaths that have occurred. 15 Black women died at the hands of police, 30 trans people were killed in hate crimes and over twenty of them were Black; where were their protests?

“If you’re going to be about Black Lives Matter, make it for all Black lives, or change your focus to Black Heterosexual Cisgender Male Lives Matter.” He stepped closer to Caleb. The men were just inches away from each other. Scott spoke very clearly and enunciated every word. “Do not waste my girlfriend’s time.” He walked away.

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  1. vdgaskins says:

    Caleb you don’t want Scott as an enemy and he sure better not come at Mari….Scott will handle him.

  2. Chriss Crooks-Rocha says:

    Aww shit Caleb has pissed Scott off. Get his ass Scott, he better be protesting for all or none!!

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