#SexySunday: Feeling Some Type of Way


I was ready for everything – his lifestyle, being his woman, and a life with Ian. I didn’t want to think about forever now. Instead, I wanted to experience the moment between us and silently relish in the feel of him.

He slid down my body and kissed every part along the way. His tongue and mouth circled my nipples before trailing down to my navel. Heat rose in my belly and I panted as I anticipated what was going to happen next.

Ian parted my legs and I felt the soft stubble of his beard against my inner thighs. His hands curled underneath my thighs and I felt his warm breath directly on my slick heat. His tongue parted my opening and I gasped in pleasure. His tongue was everything. It was tenderly rough, flat and fat, long and pointy.

My hands fisted the sheets beneath as Ian tasted me. His tongue was slow and deliberate at first, experimenting with me and seeing if I was comfortable with him. His tongue dove in deeper into my opening before dragged it back up around my nub, flicking over it and lightly sucking on it.

Now the soft mewls became moans. I was on pleasure overload as his tongue assaulted my sex with every stroke. My body began to thrust upward, needing more of his tongue and becoming impatient he didn’t give me what I wanted.

“Ian…” I moaned, licking my lips and squeezing my breasts and pinching the taut nipples as I rode his tongue. I felt like I was another plane, climbing higher into the sky as I ventured into a wave of ecstasy.

Heat built within me and my voice morphed into breathy moans. I rested my feet on his shoulders as the fire rose inside of me. Ian placed his mouth on my swollen nub, sucked on it, and I swore I levitated off the bed.

My legs trembled with each lick and kiss and I knew I wouldn’t be able to hold out much longer. I was on the edge, ready to fall over and trying hard to keep my balance. I was so close, so excruciating close, and I tried to keep my orgasm at bay.

Ian pretty much said fuck your balance and with a few more swipes of his tongue, and I came hard and fast against Ian’s mouth as he held me down. I went into shock as my head spun, my legs convulsed, and tiny beads of sweat formed along my body.

I was left breathless, shaking, and completely incoherent to form any thoughts. I had a feeling sex with Ian was breathtaking but I didn’t realize how close to reality it would be. Two orgasms in one night? I barely recovered from the first one before he delivered the second one. I think I’m good for the night.

Ian climbed up to my face and pressed his warm body against mine as he laid on top of me. I felt his long, thick shaft poking at my entrance but he refused to enter for now. Instead, he caressed my face and softly kissed my lips. I tasted myself on him but I wasn’t daunted by it. Somehow, it made me more aroused. “How are you feeling, baby?”



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