#FlashbackFriday: S&M IV


“Mari?” She heard His Southern drawl. “Come here, please.”

She logged out of her accounts and shut the computer down. She tried to wipe the smirk off her face as the butterflies danced in her stomach. She wondered what He was going to do to her. Was He going to take her on His desk? His sofa? Was He going to restrain her? Her mind went back and forth on what He wanted to do and what was actually going to occur.

Whatever she was feeling inside, she contained it outside. She made careful strides in her high heels and eyes downcast as she’d been instructed. Only look up at Master when He instructed.

When she arrived at His office, she made a beeline to Him and kneeled before Sir. Her eyes remained downcast and she used the time to calm her mind and clear her thoughts. Her only focus was on Him and only Him. She didn’t need to be worrying about school, dinner, or other nonsensical things at the moment. If she did, Sir would immediately notice and that would be the end of the scene. She slowly breathed fresh air through her lungs and out of her nostrils. Within seconds, she felt immediately better.

She felt a strong hand pat her head and a smile grew on her face. He was pleased she was there and that made her heart sing. It didn’t matter if He didn’t speak to her for the rest of the night or they didn’t participate in a scene at all. The fact she was available for Him, and He wanted her there, pleased her to no end.

Some women couldn’t understand why any sane woman would want to be a submissive and serve her Master. They were in love with the kinky sex idea but not the service and submission. They wouldn’t understand why she wanted Him to make all of her life decisions. They refuse to comprehend why she needed Him to show her guidance. They flat-out refused to entertain the thought she took care of any household needs while He handled all business affairs for them both. Mariana didn’t have time to explain to anyone who didn’t want to know the Lifestyle or simply couldn’t understand it. All she knew, all she wanted, was Master. No one would do – ever.

“Stand up,” He quietly spoke.

Mariana stood up but kept her eyes downcast. Master didn’t tell specifically to look at Him and she didn’t want to disobey Him.

“Undress,” He ordered.

She didn’t question if He wanted her down to her undergarments or completely naked; she knew exactly what it was. It was protocol she had to follow and she took explicit care to make sure she did it in the right order. First, she slid off her shoes and carefully placed them in a nearby corner. She removed her slacks and neatly folded them before putting them in a chair. She slowly unbuttoned her blouse and that was when she made eye contact with Master for the first time.

She saw the fire burning in His eyes and a slow nod of His head as a tongue darted His lips. He enjoyed the show without vocalizing it. Once her shirt was unbuttoned, she slowly removed the material and folded it nice and neat, setting it on top of the slacks. Her bra and panties came off next and they too were also neatly folded.

She walked back to the corner where she kept the shoes. It was an intentionally short distance. Master wanted to see her ass jiggle as she walked and she willingly obliged His request. They both knew she belonged to Him and she wanted to show off just for Him. She bent over to slide on the shoes and walked slowly back to Him, dragging her hips with each step.

She finally stopped in of Him. Her arms were to her side and she stood straight up, perfect posture. She simply awaited His next instruction.

It felt like minutes before Master acted, but it was really just a few seconds. He wanted to admire the beauty of her nakedness. The way her breasts looked like perfect tear drops. Her toned stomach. Her caramel skin that glistened under the moonlight. Her long legs that wrapped so nicely around His waist.

She was a goddess and only belonged to Him.


I purposely chose this scene because they were going to be the third couple in Cuffing Season.

S&M will return at a date TBA.